F7 Simulations – Eagle S100 MSFS

New Release at SIMMARKET : the Eagle S100 by F7 Simulations is a high-performance aerobatic aircraft designed for freestyle, competition flying, and racing in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This aircraft offers one of the most realistic aerobatic flight models available, constantly updated to improve its performance.

Inspired by renowned aerobatic aircraft like the MXS, Extra NG, Votec 351, and Raven, the Eagle S100 combines the best features from these models into an exhilarating package. With a 380 HP AEIO-580 engine, the Eagle S100 delivers impressive power, enabling incredible roll rates of up to 470° per second and a cruising speed of 180 knots. Its fully aerobatic flight model and modern propeller physics provide an authentic aerobatic experience within the limitations of MSFS. The aircraft also features a customizable aerobatic sequence, realistic aerobatic smoke that is multiplayer compatible, and a G3X-based GPS system for accurate navigation.

In addition to its performance, the Eagle S100 offers visual excellence with up to 8k PBR textures, two livery types, and five color variations. The aircraft is highly optimized with detailed LODs, ensuring smooth performance on various systems. It comes with an opening canopy, custom sounds, and a detailed manual to enhance the immersive experience. Take to the skies in this extraordinary aerobatic aircraft and leave spectators in awe with your impressive maneuvers and displays. Don’t miss the chance to add the Eagle S100 to your Microsoft Flight Simulator collection.

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