RDpresets – LPFR Faro International Airport MSFS

New impressive scenery by RDpresets at SIMMARKET : LPFR Faro International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, available now. This highly detailed airport offers a realistic replica of this main gateway to the popular leisure destination in Europe, in the South of Portugal with beaches in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

With custom modeling and texturing, PBR textures, and over 1000+ clutter objects, every aspect of the airport and its surroundings is faithfully recreated. The inclusion of a fully custom 3D interior, realistic VDGS, custom ground textures, and accurate night lighting further enhance the immersive experience.

RDpresets – LPFR Faro International Airport MSFS prioritizes performance optimization, ensuring smooth frame rates while maintaining the high level of detail. The custom taxiway signage and ground traffic contribute to a seamless and dynamic airport environment. This scenery is compatible with other popular add-ons, allowing for a comprehensive flight experience in the beautiful region of Faro.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Faro Airport in MSFS 2020 with this exceptional scenery. Get RDpresets – LPFR Faro International Airport at SIMMARKET and elevate your flight simulation to new heights!

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