New Video – Showcase Pilot’s Boeing B-314 – The Clipper MSFS Available at SIMMARKET

Promo Trailer | 4K by AviationLads

Pilot’s Boeing B-314 – The Clipper MSFS, available at SIMMARKET! This meticulously crafted aircraft has been developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), offering a study-level concept with ongoing feature enhancements. Step into the complete virtual cockpit, which includes an accurately simulated Navigation and Radio Room, along with a Flight Engineer Station for an immersive experience.

The Sperry Type A Gyropilot, while partly implemented, will receive updates for further authenticity. The aircraft boasts authentic and realistic gauges, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore different prototypes, including the Single-Fin and Twin-Fin variations. Additionally, the B-314A version with extended range and enhanced power is also included. Immerse yourself in the flight with the custom sound package by ArezOne-Aviation Soundstudios, while the authentic color matching and simulated original materials further enhance the visual experience. Enjoy the added realism of mooring position hold and lines, as well as simulated shore power when the B-314 is moored.

The 4k textures bring the aircraft to life, and you can conveniently start your flights from over 20 seaports. Delve into the comprehensive manuals provided, offering detailed information about the aircraft’s history, functions, and the Gyropilot system. With navigation aids to feed the Gyropilot for transoceanic navigation and numerous other features, the Pilot’s Boeing B-314 – The Clipper MSFS offers an unparalleled experience in flight simulation.

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