iniBuilds – KJFK New York MSFS Update v1.0.5

Registered customers of the big airport scenery KJFK New York for MSFS by iniBuilds were notified before and this is an update reminder to make sure you have installed the latest version 1.0.5.

The developers enhanced again the performance with more work on the level of detail optimizations near the Terminals 8 and 9. More animations, night textures and display issues have been enhanced as well. See the complete list of changes in the changelog below.

v1.0.5 changelog
– Extensive work to try and improve performance for those on lower-end PC’s.
– Further LOD improvements to T8/9 interiors, interior clutter and people models.
– T4 and TWA people LOD improvements.
– All people models now reference a single texture and each terminal cluster has been merged to single node.
– T4/8/9 interior elements have each been merged to single elements.
– LOD adjustment to approach road and trainline model.
– Animations now deactivate at closer range.
– Reduced collision faces on north and south approach gantries.
– Removed day/night transition from approach gantries..
– Removed animation tags from taxisigns.
– T4 broken down into multiple sections to speed up loading.
– T8 broken into multiple sections to reduce LOD scale per part.
– Correct LOD’ing applied to all container dollies.
– Fixed T4 interior not appearing correctly. 

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