Free Cessna 152 for X-Plane 11 & 12 released

ZL Simulation recently released a new X-Plane 11 and 12 aircraft model: the Cessna 152. The Cessna 152 is a two-seat, fixed tricycle landing gear aircraft manufactured in the USA. The airplane model is free and is the first freeware airplane model from ZL Simulation.

The Cessna 152 is a popular training aircraft and is often used by flight schools. The aircraft has a range of around 800 kilometers and can reach a maximum speed of 214 km/h. ZL Simulation’s aircraft model is highly detailed and offers a realistic flying experience. It features a fully functional instrument panel and detailed cockpit.

The aircraft model was developed for X-Plane 11 and 12. X-Plane 12 features improved flight physics and a more realistic flight experience compared to X-Plane 11. ZL Simulation’s aircraft model is specially designed for X-Plane 11 and 12 and features a realistic flight experience with the improved flight physics of X-Plane 12.

ZL Simulation’s aircraft model is not the only Cessna 152 model for X-Plane. There are other models as well, such as the JustFlight C152 model. Some users have found the JustFlight C152 model to be more realistic than ZL Simulation’s model.


  • Realistic flight model and physics.
  • Detailed and functional 3D cockpit.
  • High quality PBR textures.
  • Individual FMOD sounds.
  • 10 Liveries + White Paintkit.
  • Custom XTLua systems.
  • Integrated Garmin GNS 430 GPS.
  • Optimized for best FPS.
  • Rain effects on the windshield (XP12).

The model is available at or at GitHub.

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