BeyondATC Gets Help from FSLTL

The successful tool BeyondATC uses AI to show that it is possible to fly “online” without VATSIM or IVAO. Several announcements were made today in an update video by the developers on YouTube. Among other things, there is support for FSLTL!

The AI-supported tool will receive some updates in the distant future, which should significantly improve the experience and ambience when flying. One of the two main announcements: the main FSLTL developer joins the BeyondATC team and “will help us implement direct [aircraft] traffic control,” according to the developers. However, they want to emphasize that FSLTL is not and will not be an integral part of BeyondATC.

The reason for changing the main developer of FSLTL is that BeyondATC wants to build its own injector for its traffic. “BeyondATC will no longer work with other traffic injectors once we have our own injector,” the team continues.

Important to note: BeyondATC does not develop their own aircraft models, only the “trainer” for them. It will work roughly the same as the FSLTL Injector does. Models from FSLTL or AIG are still strongly recommended.

There is already information about the release date: BeyondATC is doing everything it can to be able to publish an update this year – but a release in early 2024 is also conceivable.

The whole video and a few more side notes are available on YouTube.

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