Fenix ​​Simulations Looking For 150 Beta Testers

Amir from Fenix ​​announced on Discord that they are looking for 100-150 beta testers who can apply on this form :

“Hello everyone! We are revising our beta and testing program and have opened applications to anyone willing to put in testing hours to help us improve our A32X line of aircraft. We’re looking for a significant addition to the testing team and while preferring people with relevant real-world A32X experience (pilots, engineers, technicians, etc.), we’re also looking for power users and people who are willing to spend big bucks to take them spend a lot of time with our A32X series (with appropriate A32X system knowledge) to also take part and send us an application.

We are looking for around 100-150 new testers, so apply and we will contact you if successful! Please note that due to the expected high number of applicants, unselected applicants will not receive a rejection email – sorry!

Good luck”

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