Horizon Simulations Shows New Project : 787-9 MSFS

The Horizon Simulations (HS for short) team posted two small previews of their next freeware addon for MSFS today. The developer group has become known for modifying aircraft. But is Horizon’s next project really theirs?

Last Friday, Horizon Simulation posted two small sneak peaks of form images on their Discord server. With the text “You know, sometimes size does not matter”, the successful modder group presented their new project: a 797-9 for the MSFS. The freeware group has become popular, among other things, for their LatinVFR FBW compatibility mods that replace the standard Asobo cockpit with the FBW cockpit and systems. They also added better features to the B747 Salty mod for CaptainSim’s 777 and 767.

As many 787 fans probably know, the Heavy Division mod has been around for quite some time, making the 787-10 more “flyable”. This is open source, which means that anyone can change or modify something on the plane. The developer Kurorin has already taken advantage of this. The 787-8 for MSFS emerged from his spirit of development. Based on the Heavy Division Mod, he has released the smallest 787 with adapted physics (and of course a suitable model).

It remains to be seen whether Horizon will also use this option. But it is to be expected, since developing new systems, a new cockpit, etc. would take a lot of work and time. In addition, Heavy Division announced almost two weeks ago that the 787-10 could not be used at the moment. At times, a 787-9 was planned by HD, but unfortunately there are no more traces of it.

Horizon Simulations also added more details in their comments to our friends at simFlight.DE : “The project is a continuation of the Kuro 787-8 (in collaboration with Kuro). Since there is currently no clear roadmap from Heavy Division (yes, we are also in contact with HD) regarding the B787-9, we have decided to prepare an intermediate step there. The B787-8 and -9 systems are based off the SU12/SU13 working title avionics and are not hijacked. Neither does the model of the B787-9.”

So stay tuned for more sneak peaks from Horizon Simulations!

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