AMsim – LIFN Caravaggio Airfield MSFS

AMsim – LIFN Caravaggio Airfield for MSFS reproduces a certified flight school located in Italy, boasting the number 229 certification by Aero Club D’Italia. With over 200 members and an impressive 900 annual flight hours, it serves as a regional aviation hub. This airfield offers a stunning backdrop for virtual pilots, promoting adventure, challenges, and a unique perspective on the world from the skies.

Just like the actual place in real life, the 3D models include the detailed custom buildings, and agricultural vehicles. The certification by the Aereo Club of Italy ensures the highest standards of safety and professionalism, making it an ideal choice for both experienced pilots and newcomers to MSFS. It’s a thriving community of aviation enthusiasts, ready to share experiences and forge lasting friendships while exploring the picturesque Italian countryside.

AMsim – LIFN Caravaggio Airfield provides breathtaking views, emphasizing the beauty of virtual aviation. With its Aero Club of Italy certification, it offers confidence and excellence to all who fly there. For those seeking a different perspective on life and the world, this airfield is the perfect destination.

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