Flightsim Studio is working on the Tecnam P2012 for MSFS

The same team that brought us the Tecnam P2006T is now developing the larger P2012 Traveller. This aircraft is a twin engine that can be equipped with up to 11 seats. Other versions include medevac, cargo, combi and skydive. These versions will also be included on FSS’s addon as per the information on the company’s website. Both Xbox and PC users can count on native versions for both platforms. The P2012 should be available before the end of 2023. Meanwhile we can enjoy some screenshots released by FSS. More information can be found on Flightsim Studio’s Website.

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Phil Chimbolo
Phil Chimbolo
7 months ago

Looking forwards to this. I frequently fly Cape Air who are expanding their P2012 fleet.

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