Fly 2 High – KJAX Jacksonville Intl MSFS

Fly to the vibrant city of Jacksonville, Florida, like never before with Fly 2 High’s latest release, KJAX Jacksonville Intl Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now on SIMMARKET. Immerse yourself in the accurate simulation of Jacksonville International Airport, a civil-military facility situated just 13 miles north of Downtown Jacksonville.

Owned and operated by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, this meticulously crafted scenery captures the essence of KJAX with hand-made ground textures, including runways, aprons, paths, and roads.

Fly 2 High’s dedication to authenticity shines through with highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects, and surroundings. Every aspect of KJAX has been carefully replicated to provide a true-to-life experience for virtual pilots. The dynamic airport lighting adds an extra layer of realism, accurately modeled and positioned to enhance the visual appeal during different times of the day. Not only does this scenery boast incredible visual fidelity, but it also prioritizes performance, offering good optimization for smooth FPS, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable flight experience.

Fly 2 High invites you to “Fly 2 Florida” and explore Jacksonville International Airport in unparalleled detail. This scenery package delivers an immersive and visually stunning representation of KJAX, making it a must-have addition to your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. Head to SIMMARKET now to elevate your virtual flights and discover the beauty of Jacksonville, Florida, from the skies with Fly 2 High’s KJAX Jacksonville Intl Airport.

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