MK Studios – Kangerlussuaq BGSF MSFS Update 1.0.2

MK Studios has unveiled the update v1.0.2 for its Kangerlussuaq BGSF scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator, introducing compatibility with World Update 15. The update replaces default landclass with beautiful satellite coverage and accurate mesh, enhancing the overall visual experience. Key improvements include bug fixes such as resolving the Wiwag problem at BGSF, along with the addition of trees exclusion zones in airport areas (BGSF, BGSS, BGMQ). Mesh fixes for BGUQ further refine the landscape, ensuring a more polished and realistic representation. Existing users can seamlessly update, elevating their virtual exploration of Greenland’s landscapes with heightened realism and accuracy.

MK Studios encourages users to take full advantage of the World Update 15 compatibility, underscoring its recommendation for an enriched flight simulation experience. With these enhancements, virtual pilots can now enjoy a more immersive and visually captivating journey over the Greenlandic terrain, free from default landclass limitations and benefiting from refined scenery elements and bug fixes.

Changelog v1.0.2

  • World Update Greenland compatibility,
  • BGSF Wiwag problem fixed,
  • BGSF Trees exclusion added in the airport area,
  • BGSS Trees exclusion added in the airport area,
  • BGMQ Trees exclusion area extended in the airport area,
  • BGUQ Mesh fixes,
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