VueloSimple – FMMI Ivato Intl. Airport Madagascar MSFS

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Madagascar with VueloSimple’s latest release – Ivato International Airport (FMMI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, now available at SIMMARKET. Nestled just 16 kilometers northwest of Antananarivo, the capital city, Ivato Airport serves as the primary gateway to this captivating island nation.

With its two realistic terminals – one for domestic and the other for international flights – this scenery package offers an immersive simulation of the bustling hub of Air Madagascar.

Explore the rich detail of Ivato Airport’s modern main terminal, complete with every interior nuance meticulously replicated. From the sleek control tower to the iconic old terminals, every aspect of this crucial aviation hub has been faithfully recreated to provide an authentic flying experience. Explore the updated airport apron, featuring accurately positioned parking spots and markings, alongside custom runway materials that add a touch of realism to your virtual flights.

Ivato International Airport comes to life in stunning detail, day or night. With optimized LODs ensuring smooth performance without sacrificing visual fidelity, this scenery package promises to elevate your flight simulation experience to new heights. Explore Madagascar like never before with VueloSimple’s Ivato Airport – now available at SIMMARKET.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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Tsanta Ny Aina
Tsanta Ny Aina
22 days ago

Good job👏👏👏

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