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Add-on or Expansion Pack

PMDG – 737 NGXu Clarification

The initial announcement of the 737 NGXu freshly released for P3D 4.4+ was short. PMDG thought it was necessary to add further information. In their

Add-on or Expansion Pack

simICT Assistant – Manage Charts and Check-lists

simICT Assistant is a small utility to manage your airport charts and checklists. In its current version for free download (before registration), it accepts up

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Free : Little Navmap Update

Little Navmap lets you create your flight plan with lots of features like the aircraft performance, Active Sky support, and winds aloft display for fuel

Add-on or Expansion Pack

OnAir Airline Manager Beta with X-Plane Support

As promised, OnAir Airline Manager Beta is now supporting X-Plane. The public test phase is still open and free, to let you try the tycoon-like

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Aerosoft – OnAir Airline Manager

Developed in secret until now, Aerosoft reveals OnAir Airliner Manager : a complex project to let you run your own company in a persistent world

Add-on or Expansion Pack

L2S – Lubbock For Aerofly FS 2

Aerofly FS 2 is an appreciated simulator for its photoreal sceneries included in the base pack. L2S sells an add-on at simMarket for that simulator,

Add-on or Expansion Pack

FS2Crew – FSLabs Airbus Soon

FS2Crew announce that their edition for Flight Sim Labs Airbus will be ready for release in a few days. Both Button and Voice control versions will

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