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The Western coast photoreal base scenery of Aerofly FS2 can be expanded on the East coast with this new map designed for that flight simulator. Featuring pure photoreal scenery, with thousands of custom buildings of New York city, you will also find detailed airports included like KJFK John F. Kennedy and KLGA La Guardia. Buy NorthEastern here.

Future expansion of the PMDG, 747-400 Queen Of The Skies II, Robert S. Randazzo opened a long thread to introduce their 747-8 preview. New systems will appear in the virtual cockpit : Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with speeds computations for takeoff and landing and other flight related data, Vertical Situation Display to show the aircraft vertical flight path in combination with the terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS), Airport Navigation. For that specific feature, you will need a Navigraph charts subscription. Then you can search and get any charts live from the EFB.

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