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New add-on available for simmers who need some more life during their commercial flights : Self-Loading Cargo is a tool for P3D, FSX and X-Plane through FSUIPC or XPUIPC. It lets you manage the passengers activities, in-flight services and potential issues, including with the cabin crew. It adds also pilot callouts and ambient sounds. Your flight will be rated according to your pilot skills and the in-flight services quality (movie, music, disruptive passengers management and so on).

As promised, OnAir Airline Manager Beta is now supporting X-Plane. The public test phase is still open and free, to let you try the tycoon-like app. In the next weeks, they will add the Android and iOS app to follow your AI employees flights, or your company cash, loans… It’s really fun to plan your flights according to the available passengers / cargo missions around your aircraft position. You also have to check the aircraft range, and if the destination airport will have the necessary fuel (LL100 or jet) to refill and get ready for the next flight. The final…

Developed in secret until now, Aerosoft reveals OnAir Airliner Manager : a complex project to let you run your own company in a persistent world and in real time. You are free to perform the flights in a simulator, or not by using only the app. Develop your skills tree, gain money and experience will be your goals. How ? You are also free to run a small company for short flights, or lease airliners to other companies, make friends and build alliances, make your company a specialist in demanding markets.. The Beta test phase is already open to the… Dovetail Games announced a US route add-on incoming next August for Train Sim World 2020. It will be Peninsula Corridor to drive the American trains along 47 miles between San Francisco and San Jose, featuring the diesel locomotives EMD F40PH-2CAT and the double decks Nippon-Sharyo coaches. This DLC will be included with the Digital Deluxe Edition but will be also available as a standalone product.

FS2Crew announce that their edition for Flight Sim Labs Airbus will be ready for release in a few days. Both Button and Voice control versions will be included in the same product. They are also looking for a Spanish ground crew or Spanish pilot to check their Ultimate Ground Crew X module.

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