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Add-on or Expansion Pack

Airvan the Australian Workhorse

Simworks Studios‘ Airvan development continues and they have announced that the basic handling and performance of the aircraft is honed in. Coding on the addon

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Florida man Plays Microsoft Flight Simulator

Florida man plays Microsoft Flight Simulator and why wouldn’t he? After all, we have two fantastic new sceneries. RKBRIDGER has developed Jacksonville Florida Bridges for

Add-on or Expansion Pack

OnAir is Not What You Think

You can use OnAir Airline Manager as a career mode for flight simulator to tell you where to fly, however, OnAir is actually a full-blown

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Islas Canarias de Aerofly FS2

The scenery now include 5 m terrain mesh customised around the Canary Islands aieports to fit with the freeware airports addons. The first package we

Add-on or Expansion Pack

This Career Mode has Thousands of Simmers Hooked

A Pilot’s Life – Chapter 2 allows you to simulate the career of a commercial airline pilot. Like any career, you will have to start

Add-on or Expansion Pack

PFPX – Sales will close

In Aerosoft forum, Mathijs Kok announced that PFPX (Professional Flight Planner X) will be removed from sale at the end of this month November 2021.

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