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Add-on or Expansion Pack

New iFly737 HD Texture Pack for P3D4

Note that is exclusively designed for P3D4, or you’ll have some memory troubles in FSX / P3D v3. Flight1 and iFly made a new pack

Add-on or Expansion Pack

PMDG 747-8 Available

As promised, PMDG released last night their Boeing 747-8 expansion, for either P3D or FSX. Of course, I have to remind it requires that you

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Flight1 – DC-9 and Super 80 P3D4 Online

This week is special for commercial aviation simmers fans of vintage aircraft with the release by Flight1 of Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack for

Add-on or Expansion Pack

USA South Florida For Aerofly FS 2

In Aerofly FS 2, the terrain is covered of photoreal terrain and includes many detailed airports. The map expansions follow these rules, and so does

Add-on or Expansion Pack

FS2Crew Airbus Pro Released

It’s now possible to add crew simulation and airline procedures to the Aerosoft Airbus Professional with the release of the new FS2Crew Airbus Pro. Both

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