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On the SimDocks website, there are now 7 new ships for download (3 models in 7 liveries) for the North and Baltic Sea. These are RoGo Freighters of the MSG-113 class used by both Finnlines and the DFDS shipping company. Further information can be found on the product page. Free registration is required to download the donationware packs, compatible with P3D v4-v1 and FSX.

The initial announcement of the 737 NGXu freshly released for P3D 4.4+ was short. PMDG thought it was necessary to add further information. In their forum, they confirmed that the new product, if purchased at their own store before this December 31, will automatically grant a USD 99.99 price reduction on the separate product, 737 NGX3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator to be released next year. The add-on price will be USD 139.99. It’s also now clear that PMDG stops any development plan for X-Plane.

simICT Assistant is a small utility to manage your airport charts and checklists. In its current version for free download (before registration), it accepts up to 10 airports and a total of 50 charts. The developer is still adding features, so the registration process is not determined yet. Try it by visiting

Little Navmap lets you create your flight plan with lots of features like the aircraft performance, Active Sky support, and winds aloft display for fuel planning. Holding patterns, SID/STAR and many other are also included at your disposal. The latest update 2.4.4 adds a bunch of options like the alternate airports for example. It’s freeware and compatible with all versions of P3D, FSX and X-Plane.

To earn millions with (or without!) your flight simulator, OnAir Company will give another way to the Airline managers to access to their business center. On October 1st, the mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices should be released. Meanwhile, the Beta access is still open if you want to join and test for free. The final and public version is planned for this November 2019.

New add-on available for simmers who need some more life during their commercial flights : Self-Loading Cargo is a tool for P3D, FSX and X-Plane through FSUIPC or XPUIPC. It lets you manage the passengers activities, in-flight services and potential issues, including with the cabin crew. It adds also pilot callouts and ambient sounds. Your flight will be rated according to your pilot skills and the in-flight services quality (movie, music, disruptive passengers management and so on).

As promised, OnAir Airline Manager Beta is now supporting X-Plane. The public test phase is still open and free, to let you try the tycoon-like app. In the next weeks, they will add the Android and iOS app to follow your AI employees flights, or your company cash, loans… It’s really fun to plan your flights according to the available passengers / cargo missions around your aircraft position. You also have to check the aircraft range, and if the destination airport will have the necessary fuel (LL100 or jet) to refill and get ready for the next flight. The final…

Developed in secret until now, Aerosoft reveals OnAir Airliner Manager : a complex project to let you run your own company in a persistent world and in real time. You are free to perform the flights in a simulator, or not by using only the app. Develop your skills tree, gain money and experience will be your goals. How ? You are also free to run a small company for short flights, or lease airliners to other companies, make friends and build alliances, make your company a specialist in demanding markets.. The Beta test phase is already open to the…

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