Browsing: Add-on or Expansion Pack New version 3 for EZDok Camera released ! You will be pleased by the enhancements and new features like the TrackIR or SimHat support, new cameras from the interior without clipping effect, new key assignments method and more. It’s optimized P3D4, and in FSX, some features are not available due to technical limitations. Reduced price for EZDok V2 users.

Based in Czech Republic, the growing company of SCS Software announce that Beyond the Baltic Sea will be the biggest official map expansion ever made for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It will be available to all virtual truckers on November 29th, and will cover the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and also south of Finland and parts of Russia including St Petersbourg city.

Finally, American Truck Simulator receives a new and officially licenced truck : the Volvo VNL. Of course, it’s a free update for all drivers. The developers at SCS Software release also a new DLC expansion : Special Transport, including a set of 11 extra size cargoes to deliver (90 missions, Custom AI escort & police vehicles). More info at their blog :

As promised, PMDG released last night their Boeing 747-8 expansion, for either P3D or FSX. Of course, I have to remind it requires that you have the prior base pack Queen of the Skies II 747-400. P3D users will be charged USD 69.99, while FSX licence is yours for USD 49.99. Below is the new features list introduced by the expansion : Fly By Wire upgrades, new FMS design, GEnx Engines, Electronic Checklists (ECL), Airport Map Display, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Vertical Situation Display (VSD), the debut of PMDG RainMaker, a dynamic rain, snow and fog effects generator and visual…

This week is special for commercial aviation simmers fans of vintage aircraft with the release by Flight1 of Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack for P3D4. Get both at once, and all updated and revised for P3D4 optimization. The dispatch / flight center works now with both aircraft, and you may also have failures along realistic systems.

Is it possible to fly the Cessna Mustang of Flight1 in P3D4 ? Now certainly yes ! Pick up the new Complete Edition and the business jet is now equipped with dynamic lights, 16:9 ratio for the panel and improvements to the G1000 avionics loading procedures. Existing customers of the previous versions can upgrade with a coupon to pay only USD 19.95.

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