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Owen Hewitt, long time FS addon developer publishes an always  interesting blog named  polypoke. TodayOwen invites the techy types among us simmers to tweak FSX by explaining the location and secrets of the FSX.cfg file: “FSX has to be one of the most customizable versions of MS FS ever. This is a great thing for the techy types who are accustomed to making tweaks behind the GUI. On the other hand, those that are less inclined to “monkey” with anything outside the usual set of sliders within FSX are potentially missing out on some great enhancements … and we need…

It’s a dilemma I face all the time. I need a place to fly and it needs to be quick. Like many flight simmers, I seem to always be pressed for time, or I sit down at my desk unsure of how long I’ll be able to devote to flying. I think that’s why VFR flights and GA aircraft appeal to me: they’re easy to get into the air without a lot of tinkering around. Load some fuel, passengers, cargo and maybe set up a failure or two and we’re flying. It’s also why I’m partial to flying in the Caribbean: there’s so much to see and the airports are rarely further than 30 minutes apart.

“Me, I was a natural in a plane. But in snow? One minute I’m humming along, the next, my fuel line’s gummed and I’m skidding and banging against a frozen creek.” – Joseph Boyden, Through Black Spruce, 2008, Viking Canada With the bad rap snow has been getting lately, it’s hard not to long for summer. Now, I know what it’s like, I’m no stranger to shovelling driveways or salting walkways, but just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some of the best flying conditions of the year.  In fact, with a little preparation, winter…

Heck YESSSSS I am proud! My friends at WhyFly, the brand new aviation web magazine from Canada, have read my first story and deemed it fit to join those already there. That means I am in the company of some VERY talented and esteemed writers and photographers AND aviation lovers. I couldn’t wish for a better place to be, really. And this is also the culmination of my life-long ‘quest’ of being involved in aviation. It’s probably as close as I’ll ever be, unless we manage to move to France and get my Ultralight License there. If I do, you…

Some things go well above my pretty little head, but I know what I see. And I know what I like. And the Outerra terrain engine definitely has potential. Check out the axel action on this Tatra truck and the landscape it is driving around in. There’s lots more to see and read on Brano’s blog here !

Gals & Guys, are you a flight sim or/and aviation fan/nut/hobbyist? can you write in english? then you can BLOG!!! Blog it right here on because we are looking for you, we want you to write your views and reviews and musings and rants here!… share them with thousands of readers! Shoot us an email to with a short bio and we will get you an audience!

Basically, isn’t that what brings YOU here too? We are all passionate about flying, aviation and/or airplanes in one way or other. And that’s why I think you will just LOVE the short video about the Tiger Boys and Girl that’s available from the website that was recently opened. Check out the Tiger Boys and Girl article here and DO run that video. There are lots more interesting stories by interesting people there and I think a subscription is more than worth it. Give them a try and click here for more information.

Not much going on these last few days before Christmas, so let me give you a link to one of the things close to my heart in the real aviation: mountain flying. Hans Fuchs of Switzerland posted some great photos on his blog of a recent ‘outing’ to one of the glaciers high up in the Alps. We’re having a VERY cold winter already in Europe. Check out Hans’ great photos here.

One of our regular readers muses about on-line friendships in particular and the future of humanity in general. I haven’t replied yet, but will. Meanwhile it will be interesting to read YOUR opinion on the topic, since the flightsim communities are some of the closest in the World Wide Web and virtually holding lots of like minded people together. Check out the thread here on the simFlight Forums.