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Aus Flight Simmer – More Plane releases

After a little dry spell in recent times, this week has seen many aircraft releases & announcements. As always, Shane will cover the highlights, including


HeliSimmer – Free Helicopter for MSFS ?

Also Sergio from the YouTube channel HeliSimmer informs us more a less weekly about heli news for in the Flightsim. With very good news for


simFlightPro – Weekly News #453

The Weekly News items from Stephen on his YouTube channel simFlightPro. Off course the City Update IV is mentioned. And more news……


simFlightPro – Weekly News #451

We could see Stephan from simFlightPro last friday on the Twitch broadcast, with the Community Fly-In: Indonesia. (If you want to see it back). And


Aus Flight Simmer – Weekly News #33

And we follow with Shane the Weekly Flightsim News on YouTube. All about aircraft. And of course some more news and releases, also about the


simHanger – Flying on the BIG screen

On this YouTube video we see Mark, from simHanger, with a big television screen. A 48” inch for his newly cockpit. Finally on retirement and


Aus Flight Simmer – Aerosoft A330 Info

In this video from Shane, you wil get some info about the Aerosoft A330 project. You can read off course this history forum topic, then


simFlightPro – Weekly News #448

A YouTube video from Stephen, under the name simFlightPro. And No, it has nothing to do with our website simFlight. Although he also brings new


Aus Flight Simmer – Sim Update 13

There are many flightsimmers with a YouTube Channel. For me as a newseditor it’s always a pleasure to follow some of them for new flightsim

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