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Gals & Guys, are you a flight sim or/and aviation fan/nut/hobbyist? can you write in english? then you can BLOG!!! Blog it right here on because we are looking for you, we want you to write your views and reviews and musings and rants here! don’t keep them for yourself anymore… share them with thousands of readers!  Shoot us an email to with a short bio and we will get you an audience!

Microsoft’s foray into the ‘serious’ simulation software with ESP is slowly gaining momentum. Read what David Boker writes in his blog…. “….. At the I/ITSEC 2008 conference in early-December in Orlando, we saw many encouraging signs that our strategy is quickly gaining supporters.  If there’s one overall theme that emerged from all the amazing technology demos we saw this year, it is integration. Hardware and software companies are working together, combining existing solutions to create new ones.  This shift is great news for Microsoft ESP, our partners and customers….”. More information on Microsoft ESP here.

AOPA, the world’s largest association for pilots, has started a new initiative to get more people into the real world of flying. Through their ‘LetsGoFlying’ activities, website and blogs they provide information for would-be pilots. Through a series of blogs connected to that website pilots of all levels share their stories and experiences with the readers. I have the honor to be one of those contributors and the focus of MY blog is to show and strengthen the obvious links between Flight Simulator and real-world piloting. My AOPA blog is here, and the LetsGoFlying main website is here. Enjoy !

Dear Reader, if you feel that urge to write rant and comment about your hobby on these pages, why not become a contributing editor? We sure can use a hand! We do not offer anything but your claim to fame and you will get to pick a shiny fantastic job title  like: Associate Editor , Managing Editor, Assistant Managing Editor, Contributing Editor, Contributing Managing Staff Associate… well you get the drift, mix & match as needed. But serioulsy, if you’d like to blog with us please shoot an email to

Sometimes one just gets caught off guard in this hectic world so full of daily information overload! Like when I first read about the New Mexico ‘Spaceport America’ being under construction. Since it is not April 1st today, I guess I can report on it. The plan is to have the world’s first commercially operated ‘port’ for space flight. Since nothing has ever stopped man from his dreams, this could be reality too in not too long! Read all about it here.

I thought this would be a good time to start listing some of my favorite aviation musems. For most of us in the northern parts of th world, NOW is the time to start making plans for visits next year. One of my all-time favorites in the US is Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight near Orlando, Florida. They have a wonderful on-line shop now too! ‘Worthy’ is their collection of history DVD’s !And of course, being in Florida, you don’t have to wait till next year to visit….. how about this weekend !!??

After just posting what seemed to be an endless stream of press releases about news products, patches, etc i remembered a nice ‘rant’ i read written by a friend of mine (you will know who it is) in his blog a few days ago. It starts like this: ‘When will YOU (FS) public relation people (do they really exist???) learn to write something more original to us news editors ? After more than 5 years at simFlight and 3 years at Avsim I am getting extremely and hopelessly bored by the continuous bloated texts that people submit us every day’…

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