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Oldie but Goodie: Developer Scrapbook

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when a developer builds an aircraft for Flight Simulator from scratch? I wrote a blog post a


The Evolution

A fellow blogger has taken the time to give a great MS FS 98 through MS Flight comparison. Read Full Story »

FrenchPainter: You’ve gotta see this!

I am often amazed at what I can stumble upon when doing a simple #fsx search on Twitter. I curiously clicked on @frenchpainter to broaden


Hello SimFlight!

Greetings patrons of I have been invited as a guest contributor to this fine site by none other than Miguel Blaufuks & I graciously


Polypoke explains FSX.cfg tweaks

Owen Hewitt, long time FS addon developer publishes an always  interesting blog named  polypoke. TodayOwen invites the techy types among us simmers to tweak FSX


Five-Minute Flights

It’s a dilemma I face all the time. I need a place to fly and it needs to be quick. Like many flight simmers, I seem to always be pressed for time, or I sit down at my desk unsure of how long I’ll be able to devote to flying. I think that’s why VFR flights and GA aircraft appeal to me: they’re easy to get into the air without a lot of tinkering around. Load some fuel, passengers, cargo and maybe set up a failure or two and we’re flying. It’s also why I’m partial to flying in the Caribbean: there’s so much to see and the airports are rarely further than 30 minutes apart.

That guage in the bottom right reads -16 degrees!

Making The Most Of Winter

“Me, I was a natural in a plane. But in snow? One minute I’m humming along, the next, my fuel line’s gummed and I’m skidding


Real Aviation Stories

Heck YESSSSS I am proud! My friends at WhyFly, the brand new aviation web magazine from Canada, have read my first story and deemed it


Outerra Terrain

Some things go well above my pretty little head, but I know what I see. And I know what I like. And the Outerra terrain

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