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FS Academy – Jetliner MSFS Update

Registered pilots already using FS Academy Jetliner for MSFS have been notified that their Missions and Tutorials pack has been update in order to “fix

Freeware News

FBW A32NX – New Improvements

What’s coming next from FlyByWire Simulations for the popular and freeware A32NX that simulates the Airbus A320 Neo for MSFS ? The first version of


TBLFscenery – LFBN Niort Souché MSFS

If you come to visit the Green Venice in France, the nearest airport is Niort Souché (LFBN) in the Western region, between Bordeaux and Tours.


Wing42 – Boeing 247D Preview MSFS

Wing42 joined The Flying Fabio for a live stream at Twitch to showcase and explain the development process of the upcoming Boeing 247D for MSFS.


AUscene – Lord Howe Island (YLHI) MSFS

It’s a bit of Australian territory in the Pacific Ocean, between Sydney, New Zealand and New Caledonia. AUscene made an excellent quality scenery out of

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