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Are you up for an exotic airport in Thailand ? A_A Sceneries launch the new version 2020 of Samui International VTSM in the Gulf of Thailand. Although the previous product was made in 2011, the developer allows to upgrade with dynamic lights and new photoscenery for a small fee so you can take advantage of it much easier.

Pilot’s FSG comes back at the Spanish airport of LEST Santiago de Compostela with a P3D5 exclusive scenery to introduce various enhancements, particularly on lights and updated textures. Of course it remains with other high quality features like 4K textures and 3D animated workers. It’s a free update for all registered of the previous version for P3D4. They will find the needed file along their respective order of the P3D4 scenery in their user account at simMarket.

In order to use Bucharest City add-on, SamScene needs you to download and install the freeware and base scenery made of satellite imagery. Download it here. The second part is on sale at simMarket : it’s the 3D city scenery, with Autogen and numerous custom buildings.

When you read The East Gate, maybe you guessed in the instant that this scenery models the Eastern airport of Russia of Vladivostok ! Order the new P3D5 scenery from RU Scenery Design at simMarket, it’s a 1.4 Gb download file coming with PBR and detailed buildings, jetways.

The next project of JustSim that is getting ready for public release is a German airport, Hanover EDDV. It will be on sale for P3D v5, v4 and X-Plane 11. All preview screenshots are visible on their Facebook page here.

Author of various indonesian airports, and most of them with 5 stars customers reviews, Sentani WAJJ appears now in the catalogue of Binersim. Their product installer supports P3D v5/v4 and FSX. SODE Jetways and dynamic lights are included.

Flying in Colombia avoids numerous hours of travel in cars or bus, especially because of the hazardous roads in Andes mountains. That’s why SKCC Cucuta Camilo Daza airport is relatively important in traffic for that region in Eastern Colombia, near the border with Venezuela. Sierrasim made a modern scenery of it with PBR and SODE features for P3D v5/v4, or P3D v3 / FSX.

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