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The time when we were in lack of Italian sceneries is gone. RFscenerybuilding has done a lot to provide more airports, and they haven’t stopped : LIPQ Trieste for FSX P3D is available, located near the border with Slovenia. Custom objects, photoreal textures and vehicles are all included. There’s even traffic on the roads.

MK-Studios latest release is Keflavik for P3D4, and their marvellous package has more than just BIKF airport itself. Of course, the main airport in Iceland is accurately modelled with plenty of details, vehicles and special effects. But you will be able to visit also BIAR Akureyri and BIIS airports. In snow season, you will even notice snow accumulation along the taxiways and near the apron.

The new release of FS2Crew includes the complete crew interaction and simulation, but also the Global FO Voice Set that adds many more voice sets possible for you to choose from. With FS2Crew for PMDG 737 NGXu, you will have to follow realistic airline procedures just like real life Captains do in their daily duties. Now on sale 30% OFF along FS2Crew PMDG 747 QOTS II FSX P3D and FSLabs Airbus P3D4.

For a visit in Pakistan, select an international airport to make sure the terminal and parkings spots are big enough for your airliner. And the right spot is Islamabad International (OPIS). SimArc has now the airport available as a P3D4 scenery with PBR textures for the ground polygon, and also SODE VDGS to see advanced visual docking guidance systems.

Add a realistic and very detailed model of the FA-18 E, F & G Super Hornet to your sim ! The virtual cockpit and the exterior model look incredible, and the animations are numerous. Check the comprehensive features list visible at simMarket. For the best experience in marine operations, note that it’s fully “compatibie with SimWorks Studios’ CEX aircraft carriers.”

JustSim announced that their next project is Gazipasa-Alanya LTFG in Turkey. Actually, they are working on three airports at the same time. It’s a relatively modern airport built in 1999 but it entered in service in 2010 only. It’s located in the Southern region of Turkey, in front of Cyprus island.

Incoming release, but first, MK-Studios and Aviation Lads introduce the official trailer video of Keflavik BIKF Airport in Iceland, for P3D4. Today, Thursday March 12 at 19:00Z (08:00 pm local time in Germany), our friends of will showcase the airport scenery on Twitch during a Live Stream, with the help and interview of Mateusz (MK-Studios lead designer). Come with us and let’s discover this beautiful scenery featuring : PBR for taxiways /runways /buildings, SODE VDGS parking units, snow and precipitation effects, realistic shadows rendition HD photoreal terrain at 50cm / pixel for the airport area, 10’000 Autogen and trees…

Check the good news and development pictures uploaded by Eaglesoft. Instead of “Generation 3” products news, also in progress for FSX / P3D v3, the designers team have shared preview screenshots of the “Generation 4” products, designed for P3D v4 and FS2020 ! For example, their Cessna Citation X and Cessna Citation XLS+ reveal their exterior model, the 3D virtual cockpit and the passengers cabin.

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