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The modern 787 Dreamliner of Boeing developed for P3D4 and FSX by QualityWings is now available for download at simMarket ! Three accurate models are packed : 787-8 787-9 and 787-10. Feel like the pilot in command and master its detailed systems, its new generation FMC and large screen displays look as nice as the functional Electronic Flight Bag. For even more visual effects, TrueGlass is also included.

This is a unique situation in the world, the new airport modelled by FSDreamTeam is on the French territory, but also close to the borders with Switzerland and Germany. It even shares an ICAO code in France LFSB that is different than for Swiss aviation regulation : LSZM. Come now at simMarket shop to discover the international EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg that is exclusively compatible with P3D v4.4 and superior.

Currently the best seller among the Brazilian airports sceneries at simMarket, Santarem SBSN has numerous items to convince you to add it to your cart. The regional airport has photoreal terrain covering 100 sq. km, numerous SODE features and GSX compatibility. If it sounds nice to you, see more screenshots and details here.

From now on, the previous SimDocks payware scenery “Birds Air Route” can be downloaded for free from the SimDocks website for registered SimDocks users (but donations are still welcome ). The addon actually consists of 3 sceneries (Puttgarden on the German island Fehmern, Rødbyhavn on the Danish island Lolland and the Danish airfield “Maribo”). Of course the ferry service between Puttgarden and Rødbyhavn with 4 ferry ships and 3 additional ships to Rødbyhavn is also included. More information with many pictures, a video and the manual can be found on the product page.

More airliners packs, expansions and CDU tool for Mobile device connection have been added to simMarket catalogue by Captain Sim. As usual, the Base Pack can be completed with expansions for more variants. Boeing 777 Captain II for P3D4 only : CAPTAIN SIM – 777 CAPTAIN II – (777-200) BASE PACK P3D4 CAPTAIN SIM – 777 CAPTAIN II – 777F EXPANSION P3D4 CAPTAIN SIM – 777 CAPTAIN II – 777-300 EXPANSION P3D4 CAPTAIN SIM – 777 CAPTAIN II – WIRELESS CDU P3D4 . First download the free CDU app for your iOS / Android mobile device to check its look.…

Like other A2A Simulations aircraft, the new release Accu-Sim Piper J-3 Cub in P3D4 is a very advanced and accurate simulation, with numerous systems, wear and tear upon your flight style and many more items that will affect the engine or the structure. Physics and sounds reach the same high quality level. If you want the best, that’s the good one ! Just select the Academic or Professional licence depending on your Prepar3D v4 use.

Pilots of the PMDG 737 NGXu and of Aerosoft Airbus have updates for their respective FS2crew products. All users should download them to get the latest version as they are considered as important updates. FS2crew announce at the same time that their next supported airliners add-ons will be the QualityWings 787 and the Aerosoft CRJ. Note that FS2crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro P3D4 is available via simmarket at 30% off until January 30th. It supports all A320 family aircraft and also the new A330 Professional.

If you know very well the modern fighters or Dassault, you may have recognized the Marine variant of the Rafale multirole fighter. It’s your turn to fire weapons and enjoy the 3D HUD with this new model for P3d4 ! Owners of the standard variant of this fighter, there’s a reduced price to upgrade.

Since JustAsia came up with nice looking sceneries for X-Plane like St John’s CYYT or Bahrain Intl OBBI, the announcement of Perth YPPH is welcome in the community. The Australian airport has two crossing runways and modern terminals. The preview screenshots already reveal the custom textures, vehicles and objects to be included.

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