Browsing: Prepar3D Carenado designed a stunning Falcon 50EX for P3D v4/v3 and FSX Launched in the mid 1970’s by Dassault Aviation, their model recreates its spirit with HD quality textures (4096 x 4096), and it’s VR ready !

If you are interested in the Freighter Expansion for the 757 by Captain Sim, you have now to choose between two expansions. Either Freighter Expansion including 757-200PF / -200PCF / -200SF with various engines variants for each, full 3D cargo cabin interior.or Freighter Essential for USD 20 less, where you have the 757-200PF with PW2037 engines, and no interior.

The designer PaintSim created a new paintkit at the highest resolution of 4096 pixels to deliver new and ultra high resolution liveries for the Boeing 767-300ER by Level-D in FSX and P3D. Their third pack ships with these 4 airlines : 1. American Airlines – OneWorld2. Air Canada – Rouge3. All Nippon Airways – ANA4. S7 Airlines

Air Hauler 2 is the way to go if you want to manage your virtual airline in P3D or FSX, and live a pilot career with a wide variety of missions and contracts. Passenger operations, freight orders, humanitarian flights.. You can even assign flights to your AI pilots, and they can be trained with the included skills tree system.

Hans Hartmann and Aerosoft announce the release of the Service Pack 1a for the CRJ 700/900. Numerous issues found in the systems or the flight management have been fixed to improve the experience. Version / Rev 367 changelog : [Fixed] Pushbutton clickspots in P3D v4 VC models [Fixed] Differential Pressure going off limits when lower altitude is selected [Changed] Some changes with Nearest Lists (airports, VORs, NDBs, etc.) updating to avoid CTD on range change [Fixed] VNAV issue which cause “above” constraints to be handled as “at” constraints in descent phase [Fixed] MFD ADV page ignored L/R setting and…

The good old Radar Contact V4 can be downloaded for free so you can have a realistic ATC software for P3D and FSX ! The accurate phraseology, pilots requests to the ATC about the flight level / altitude change, following SID/STAR procedures, ATC chatter recordings, AI Traffic compatible.. Radar Contact V4 have plenty of advanced features to enjoy if you want a better ATC than the default one included with the simulator.

In July 2018, the 747 Classic model was still an early project with blank textures on the exterior body. Now if you check the product page at Just Flight, the virtual cockpit and the United livery are visible. The 747-100 /200 /200F variants are developed for P3D v4/v1 and FSX.

No less than 500.000 landmarks for France are added in the new pack by France VFR for P3D4. Wind turbines, plants, bridges, antennas, churches are just some kinds of VFR landmarks that can be used for low flight navigation. Press release : “Obstacles & VFR landmarks – FRANCE” is an addon for Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® covering the entire French territory and designed to add more than 500 000 landmarks to the scenery, including virtually all of the obstacles to navigation identified by the SIA (Service for Aeronautical Information), that have been qualified and geo-referenced. The ambition of this product is…

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