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At RFscenerybuilding workshop, they have dedicated the last weeks upgrading more airports from their existing collection to P3D5. And most of these titles are located in Italy : LIBP Pescara D’Abruzzo, LIRQ Florence Peretola, LIPY Ancona Falconara and LIPH Treviso-Sant’Angelo. There’s one more, LEAS Oviedo Asturias in Spain. For each product, there’s the ability to upgrade your older airport scenery for a small fee. LIBP PESCARA D’ABRUZZO P3D5 LEAS OVIEDO ASTURIAS P3D5 LIRQ FLORENCE PERETOLA P3D5 LIPY ANCONA FALCONARA P3D5 LIPH TREVISO-SANT’ANGELO P3D5

In 2013, FlyFreeStd launched their first model for FSX only. They remade the Rafale V2 and it is now supporting now both P3D4 and FSX. For startup, you can either follow the specific engine and avionics starting system procedure or use the autostart feature of the French twin-engine delta-wing multirole combat aircraft.

New version 2 of Tenerife South GCTS available at simMarket, from Digital Design team. The detailed airport of the Canary Island comes now with a sloped runway and taxiway, and other new features. The price is reduced if you upgrade from the previous version, available either for P3D5 or P3D4.

Here’s your boarding card to Shangai, for a city tour over a very large area. SamScene included Shangai skyline in the center of the city of course, with beautiful night effects. It will also greatly enhance your flights from and to Hongqiao and Pudong airports. Scenery for P3D v5/v4 and FSX.

When you go with Vidan Design, you know you’re having a quality product because all their customers reviews at simMarket are only 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Aarhus X for P3D v5-v4 and FSX is the latest airport scenery in Denmark, featuring animated 3D people and dynamic lights.

With its in-sim HUD menu, PACX is easy to use and gives a direct access to the different features developed by TFDi Design to simulate the passengers interactions, cabin announcements and other events – I mean incidents ! – that will add some spice to your flights adventures. The other important and positive point is that many simulators are already supported, and MSFS will be added soon to the official compatibility list.

The beautiful scenery of MK-Studios to depict Keflavik airport KIBF in Iceland, for P3D v5 and v4.5, has been updated to version 1.2. A few fixes and the addition of animated vehicles and people are the main items of this update. Note that ALL their products are on Sale, special Summer Wings 30% OFF until August 23rd. Changelog v1.2: Animated vehicles and people added in BIKF, Fixed BIAR satellite issue with watermask, Fixed BIIS satellite issue with watermask, Fixed flatten problem in BIIS, Custom mesh added in BIIS, Fixed exclusion problem.

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