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LFRB – Brest Bretagne for P3D v4/v5 models the regional airport in France that is at the western tip of French Brittany region in an extremely detailed way, including high definition buildings, ground textures as well as the corresponding night textures. The scenery can be used independently or in addition to Bretagne VFR Vol.1 scenery, the 3D Automation and regional area to cover a much wider area with excellent treatment for VFR flights with dense and local style Autogen, plus custom landmarks. It is also compatible with Truelandscape, the national and realistic Landclass with redefinition of the coastlines, urban/rural/industrial areas,…

Home of the Airbus Headquarter and main factory, Toulouse-Blagnac LFBO is also an important airport in France, number 6 in the traffic importance table. You can trust in Jetstream Designs and Flightbeam Studios to model the scenery for P3D5 and P3D4 with the most advanced visual features, accuracy and the best performance possible. There are even 3D people in the passengers boarding area as an option.

LONDON INTERNATIONAL MSFS Available either for MSFS or P3D5/P3D4.4+, the Canadian airport of CYXU London International expand the title selection of FSimStudios at simMarket. Use it for a quick flight to Toronto or to Detroit, it’s a mid distance between these airports. Owners of the P3D version that was launched first can get the new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator with a special reduced price. LONDON INTERNATIONAL MSFS LONDON INTERNATIONAL P3D

FlyLogic have new add-ons for both MSFS and P3D v5/v4, and exclusively for Switzerland. For Flight Simulator, the airport of Grenchen LSZG is located between the capital city Bern and the border with France. While P3D5 and P3D4 simmers can grab Switzerland Professional, for a full coverage of the country with custom mesh, photoreal textures, custom landmarks and 3D forests accurately placed.

Update notification : the popular P3D scenery of MK-Studios in the Faroe Islands has a new version V 2.01. Connect to your simMarket customer account, and download the new files to take advantage of the new Winter textures for the satellite coverage of the terrain, and also enhancements to the runway and PAPI lights in the airport. Vagar P3D5 improves all islands with custom mesh and landclass, beside the realistic airport full of details. Version 2.01 changelog: Winter season satellite redone,Mesh resolution increased,Missing PAPI lights added,Runway lights fixed,Small fixes. Also for P3D5 and P3D4.5, Lisbon LPPT and Palma de Mallorca…

Here’s an opportunity to land in a detailed scenery of a French regional airport : Caen Carpiquet modelled by BDOaviation is made for P3D5, P3D4 and FSX. They included PBR textures at 4K et 2K resolution, hand placed vegetation and they did not forget the D-Day museum in the scenery. Get all the necessary information with additional screenshots at simMarket. If you want it for MSFS, it exists also and separately sold here.

With the release of Vagar for P3D5, MK-Studios will certainly achieve to build a big airshow in the Faroe Islands. Many simpilots will be interested in this scenery that installs the detailed airport (EKVG) and greatly enhances at the same time the whole islands. The custom mesh and landclass provided by MK-Studios bring a significant visual upgrade of this area.

PKsim airports have been spread all over Latin America until this new release : Bodrum LTFE is a great looking scenery for P3D5 and P3D4, with the difference that it’s in Turkey, with its shoreline in front of the Aegean Sea and the Greek island of Kos. The technical details of the product mention PBR materials, with SODE jetways and that it is GSX ready.

Flightbeam Studios announced that Jetstream Designs who work with them have made the French airport of Toulouse Blagnac LFBO to enter in the Beta test phase for P3D. In the South of France, Toulouse is the home airport of Airbus HQ with a part of assembly lines. Discover the preview screenshots here.

Sim Skunk Works and simMarket fire up on this first day of September : ALL Prepar3D aircraft of the developers group are now freeware. Yes, you can get all of them at no cost : you just need a FREE customer account, login, and add to your basket without payment needed at checkout. Go now to and enjoy their F-84 F Thunderstream, PA200 Tornado, Lockhhed Martin/Aeritalia F-104S, Lockheed Martin FRF-104G, Fiat/Aeritalia G91 A/R/PAN, or even the Mc Donnel Douglas AV8B II Harrier. THey are all comptible with P3D5.

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