Browsing: Prepar3D In the new Service Pack 4 for their Ultimate 787 Collection, QualityWings adds features to the Electronic Flight Bag, like the ability to read routes coded from RouteFinder, Navigraph, or FlightAware. And it can be used in the FMS as a second step. The EFB can now also display your enroute flight with your current position on the topdown map view. FS2Crew is pleased to announce that FS2Crew for the PMDG 777 has been updated to Version 3.4. This is a free update that brings FS2Crew in line with the recent PMDG 777 update. Right, the product is on sale at simMarket, 29% OFF until March 19th. Change log: 1. Coughing and paper sounds removed per user request.2. Ground service handling updated to match new menu layout in the latest PMDG update.3. 4K (scaling) monitor support (you need to disable then reenable FS2Crew in the FS2Crew Config Manager) to refresh your panel.cfg with the associated changes.4. Voice command for Auto…

Many pilots were waiting for it, and they will happy to see popping a new version of LFPG Charles De Gaulle in Paris for P3D5. Taxi2Gate just uploaded this preview screenshot to confirm that this huge airport will get updated visuals and layout to replace the previous P3D4 scenery released in 2017. Leonardo Software developers team have released again a free update for all registered users of their super realistic Fly the Maddog X 64bit Edition, for both P3D 5 and P3D 4.4+. The new build 2.0b784 is available in its Official Release, and brings new features the Voice Control in P3D5, but also systems enhancemetns or fixes for all versions. Read the respective changelog in their forum here.

The brand new product of PMDG is the expansion package 777-200ER to install beside the base package 777-200LR/F. This add-on is exclusively made for P3D5 and P3D4, bringing new 3D models and PBR textures, with electronic flight bag and Navigraph integration, driveable pushback tug and Native PMDG datalink simulation for offline flying.

This time, the new Discover Pack series of FranceVFR will actually require some French knowledge because these are sightseeing tour guides in French to fly over a few regions : French Riviera, Languedoc Roussillon, Auvergne. Their texts and audio in French describe and give “tourist, geographical, cultural and/or historical information of the places overflown”. Each title includes more than 200 points of interest, with flight plans and missions, for P3D v5/v4.

A big outing this week, for P3D5, perfect for demanding simmers, here is the American airport of Indianapolis KIND from Taxi2Gate. The realistic buildings with detailed and animated walkways (SODE) also come with PBR textures and many static objects and hand placed Autogen.

New P3D5 scenery, JustSim team adds the new version of Dresden EDDC in Germany, with nice improvements over the older product designed for P3D4, more than three years ago. The German airport includes the new SODE VDGS units at the parking, GSX settings and PBR materials of course. Read more at simMarket. V2 P3D5 Changelog : Ground polygon textures have been changed – PBR materials are used3D models now use PBR materialsSODE wind socks have been addedDynamic lighting has been changedA function to automatically turn on runway lighting when visibility is less than 5000 meters has been addedNew SODE VDGS…

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