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At UK2000 Scenery, new and improved files for the jetways of GSX2 are ready for download for direct use with the following airports if you have them : Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow. The British teams adds that the UK2000 Common Library 3.62 is also required.

Lockheed Martin company informs the flightsim community that the latest upgrade version 4.5 for Prepar3D is out ! The main improvements are the terrain night lighting and the improved rendering performance.

JustSim has worked various weeks on their existing scenery of Barcelona El Prat in Spain to integrate new and modern visual features. It’s now boosted with PBR effects, Visual Docking Guidance System for SODE and GSX, and new animations too. It’s a payware upgrade if you own the previous version.

Have a look in the new forum of PMDG to read the latest information from the developers group. The 737NG v3 will enter in Beta tests soon and their real life DC-3 may come to the next Aerosoft meeting at Paderborn in Germany.

The Mexican team enhanced their scenery design skills for the upcoming airport of Merida MMMD ! Mex High Flight is happy to share with their fans the great looking PBR effects and the realistic volumetric grass used in their scenery made for P3D4. Their current products are on sale 50% OFF until April 05th.

The VC-10 Professional of Just Flight will be on sale in the next hours, maybe tomorrow or the following day. Its numerous systems including the fuel management and functional jettison functionality, PFCU and a new INS unit (Delco Carousel IV-A) will be made compatible with various simulators from P3D4 down to P3D1 and FSX.

Lionheart Creations is proud to announce the release of another Aircraft package, the sleek Tango 2 by Revolution Aviation.  The Tango 2 is a high performance two place aircraft of composite construction that is available as a Kit that you finish. The 180 HP version XR model that I have recreated here has a cruise speed of 180 knots, and a range of 1200 Nautical Miles with its extended range fuel tanks.  The panel in this package features the Garmin G1000 glass panel system which includes its autopilot package and left hand PFD mini map popup and ECIAS mini LH…

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