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There’s not just an airport scenery. In Mount Everest Extreme P3D4 by Aerosoft, we’re talking about a huge scenery bundle including 5 detailed airports, other airfields and helipads at high altitude, and a large region with mesh, buildings, trees, glaciers .. None of the included airports have a flat runway. And the most famous of them in Nepal, is the airport of Lukla VNKL.

In the Austrian airport of Linz (LOWL), P3D v4 pilots can upgrade for a small fee their scenery previously purchased from JustSim. The new version 2 enhances the ground polygon with PBR materials, the Autogen and dynamic lights. “Here is a list of changes V2.0: Texture ground polygons was changed. Ground polygons were compiled using SDK 4.4-PBR materials used. Animated wind socks (SODE) have been added. AFCAD file has been modified. A custom profile file for GSX has been added. Lighting on the runway taxiways has been changed. Dynamic lighting has been added/changed. New autogen objects have been added. 3D…

Aerosoft directors and designers know well how much you like Greek islands, and that includes Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why they added a detailed scenery of Chania LGSA for P3D4, delivered with thousands of Autogen trees and SODE animated objects and vehicles.

We informed you that QualityWings recently upgraded their Ultimate 787 with a Service Pack 2. OldProp Simulations announced that their 787 Immersion effects package for this airliner has been updated to work flawlessly. By the way, the same happened to their Lear35 Immersion, it’s updated as well ! This one is an add-on for Flysimware Learjet 35.

Just Flight have two caps for that project : publisher and developer. Their new Piper Aircraft completes the aircraft selection for GA simmers looking for advanced simulations. Their new PA-38 Tomahawk for FSX P3D is highly detailed with neat visuals, detailed and accurate 3D models.. but there are also a good number of custom coded systems. Failures may happen too ! Its X-Plane 11 version is also available.

It’s confirmed that you can use REX Environment Force and REX Sky Force with the latest update of P3D v4.5 Hotfix 2. Just download their respective updates with the following links. Environment Force : Sky Force:

It’s the Special Bundle Pack for the Majestic Q400 in P3D4 that FS2Crew delivers now through simMarket. Control FS2Crew with either Voice commands or use the Button Control version, it’s your choice. Both are included. This means that the crew interactions, dialogs, checklists, ground operations and airlines procedures simulations are completed by the FS Video Marshaller add-on, and the FO Global Voice Set add-on, to add more voicesets for your copilot.

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