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Thie most important airport of Morocco and designed by Prealsoft has not been forgotten for P3D V5. They also had in stock the versions for FSX, X-Plane and older P3D versions. All virtual pilots can fly to Casablanca GMMN whatever is their flight simulator.

Vladivostok airport UHWW is not among the default airports anymore, definitely. RUSD published separately the detailed scenery in Russia for P3D5, and then for P3D4. If you purchase one, the other one is yours as a free upgrade at simMarket. Just log in the same customer account and order each title separately one after the other.

Liberator RAF Variants is a sort of expansion for the B-24 Liberator of Virtavia. This pack brings 11 additional variants and liveries for the US heavy bomber. In fact, the original package is only needed to copy its sounds for this new pack. Otherwise, it can be considered as a standalone product, because the virtual cockpit, and gauges are included for example. If you don’t have the base product B-24 Liberator, it will use default sounds.

Boarding call It is time to put down the magazines, finish off the morning coffee because your flight to Camilo Daza International Airport (SKCC) is now ready for boarding! Sit down, strap in and expect a truly unique and lasting experience as you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Cúcuta! This fast-evolving northeast Colombian city close to the Venezuelan border, home to some 850,000 people, Sierrasim’s newest addition to South America welcomes everyone with the promise of a first-class experience. What lies ahead is more than just a trip like many others. Sheer sorcery, that is what it is! And…

By reading the development update about the MD-11 Project, the makers of the TFDi Design – 717 inform the community that they’re working on the FMC programming with an animated preview. The exterior model has been also exported, allowing the liveries painting to enter in production, and the flight dynamics work will begin soon.

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