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Thanks to, the junction between Hamburg and Copenhagen becomes a detailed and freeware scenery named Birds Air Route for P3D v5/v4. Recognize the actual buildings and enjoy the 3D people and cars populating the 3 following areas : Puttgarden, Rodbyhavn and the Maribo airfield (EKMB). This scenery also includes custom vegetation, AI ships and locomotives.

Light but appreciated enhancements have been added to Flight Crew A320 – currently 25% OFF at simMarket – for a better interaction with the FS2Crew Main Panel when you put Microsoft Flight Simulator window in focus. Other fixes affect the engines start sequence, and you can also specify the aircraft model that you are flying to get the respective VFE speed checks. That’s because the crew simulation add-on is also compatible with A318-A330 Airbus products of Aerosoft in P3D FSX. For FS2Crew PMDG 737 NGXu Edition – currently on sale 50% OFF at simMarket -, the latest update was only…

Back to school or back to the office for many of us in the community, and Leonardo developers team anticipated : they released a new update for all pilots using the 64bit products of Fly The Maddog X. You will need to download full installers from your customer account in order to fix all issues reported since the last Beta build.

The latest entry of Jetstream Designs at simMarket, is the new P3D5 scenery of the Italian airport LICJ Palermo. Registered customers of the previous version are lucky to get the upgrade for FREE. Everyone can now enjoy PBR materials, P3D custom ground polygon with the respective visual effects, and dynamic lights. A good mix of performance and visual quality. Well done Jetstream.

Fresh new from A_A Sceneries about their Malaysian airport scenery of KLIA at Kuala Lumpur. They are preparing a new version for P3D v4.5, to be compatible also with P3D5. All jetways at KLIA and KLIA2 will be SODE animated models, and the upgrade will require just a small fee.

In the P3D section of simMarket, Tropicalsim added two airports sceneries featuring SODE animations, and full realistic terrain and buildings. Albuquerque KABQ 2020 P3D is compatible with both V5 and V4, for US airports fans, visit New Mexico ! Faro LPFR 2020 P3D5 is only designed for the latest Lockeed Martin flight sim. This one is at the south of Portugal.

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