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The German fighter Messerschmitt Bf-109G6 is a current project of Flight Replicas, and you can already appreciate the vitual cockpit at their current work-in-progress status. Flight Replicas are specialists of vintage and military aircraft, many of their existing products at simMarket have 4 or 5 stars reviews from their customers.

The latest announcement of REX bring good news regarding the new version of P3D 4.4 because all their major products are directly compatible : Sky Force 3D, Texture Direct HD and Soft Clouds. It’s a bit different for Wx Advantage Radar developed in partnership with Milviz.

Watch the preview demo of FSDreamTeam with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) effects on the textures. The lights reflections and colors react diffrently according to the material, the angle of vision vision, time of day and weather conditions.. This preview is shot with the upcoming scenery project of KORD Chicago O’Hare, in P3D v4.4.

The blog of IndiaFoxtEcho confirms that their aircraft are flying and working well in the latest version of Lockheed Martin flight simulator. Only Tacpack features will be affected until the separate product of VRS is updated too to support P3D v4.4.

The A320-X and A319-X of Flight Sim Labs are not compatible with Prepar3D v4.4, so you should not update the flight simulator until the developers update their addon if you want to fly with them now. Lefteris Kalamaras details the next updates roadmap and the extensive changelog ofthe first update to come out A320-X update 32bit (FSX / P3Dv3).

The official Service Pack 1 for Fly The Maddog X is now released to the registered customers, it’s a free update for all simulators P3D4 64bit, or P3D3 / FSX 32bit. At Leonardo Software, the developers also mentioned their advanced simulation also supports P3D v4.4 and will receive soon PBR materials. What’s coming next ? The MD-83 and MD-88 are coming as a payware expansion to the current MD-82 simulation. They are already being tested at an advanced stage and may be released in December.

Lockheed Martin posted the awaited info about the new update v4.4 for Prepar3D. Among the new features, many simmers will appreciate the drawing distance and the addition of PBR support among the various enhancements. PBR means Physically Based Rendering, and it makes textures look like in real life with accurate lights effects. Significant changes will be visible between metal and non metal objects for example.

Another aircraft carrier reproduced by Cimogt is available at simMarket, this one served the Royal Netherlands Navy. It’s a model designed in Gmax for P3D v4/v3 and FSX with custom animations. Lights and animated parts can be controlled with an included gauge.

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