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JustSim designers already have Microsoft Flight Simulator as a target : for the purchase of their new airport for P3D4 EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (LFSB), registered customers will receive a 50% discount for the same scenery purchased for the simulator to be released this year 2020. Meanwhile, you can already enjoy the P3D4 features with SODE animations, GSX settings already included and the PBR materials.

Without public clarification of the main developer “Dan” since a long time, FSPassengers for P3D4 was not really expected anymore by lots of fans. One of his forum moderator wrote a statement to explain that it was not possible due to the lack of information access to P3D by Lockheed Martin. As an alternative, you can have a look at “Self-Loading Cargo”, “Passenger and Crew Experience” or the donationware “Intelligent Cabin Announcement V2”.

For the most advanced Airbus simulation in the P3D4 market, I mean FSLabs A320-X and A319-X, you get the ultimate Pilot in Command simulation if you add FS2Crew on top of it. FS2Crew announce the launch of the update version 1.3 with the following changelog : “1. New Departure Brief Option to leave Flaps Up if taxing to a de-icing station. 2. Reset audio option revamped on the Audio Page. It’s vastly more robust now. If you ever find your FO audio has dropped, press this button to restore your audio. Audio can drop if your audio connection drops. This…

Popular holiday destination for many Europeans, Tenerife is one the sceneries designed by MK-Studios for P3D4. In the previous released volume 1, you got Tenerife South airport (GCTS) and its island with PBR effects. They have just released the update V2.2 for this title. Among the new products for sale at simMarket, there is now Tenerife Vol.2 that requires the previous product installed first. It”s not standalone. It will add Tenerife North airport (GCXO) and will greatly improve the visuals for your flight during the approach.

The new title of France VFR completes the volume 1 released in last September. The volume 2 of Rhone-Alpes VFR is a standalone product if you are interested only in that region. All necessary features are included to ensure the best flight experience over the French Alps : high resolution mesh and photoreal textures, with dense Autogen in its local style with realistic integration, VFR landmarks and custom water surfaces. This volume 2 covers the Southern Alps in France including famous ski resorts like Val-Thorens, Courchevel, and Meribel. Also available for FSX, all titles are visibles here. Press Release :…

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