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The Facebook wall of Photosim Labs hosts numerous screens and a few videos to introduce their Bahamas upcoming scenery. Chub Cay, Whale Cay and other small islands in the Caribbean Sea will reveal more paradisiac locations soon.

Since their beginning in 2016, WF Scenery Studio has already delivered 6 Chinese sceneries including this new release for P3D4 : Zhengzhou ZHCC. If you get used to their latest scenery design techniques, you will appreciate again the accurate terminals + airport buildings, with seasonal textures and the SODE jetways.

Montpellier LFMT is a French airport in the Southern region with the tip of the runway ending in the Mediterranean Sea. In most cases, you will take off face to the sea so check your weight balance and center of gravity before leaving the parking. Available for P3D4 via Pilot Experience Sim at simMarket.

Although it’s not the top 10 airports of France, Montpellier Méditerranée receives already almost 2 millions passengers a years and its takeoff often above the Mediterranean Sea is impressive. Pilot Experience Sim brings it to P3D4 market including the GSX V2 jetways preset.

JustSim launch a new airport for P3D4 : Dalaman Intl (LTBS) is in the South-West region of Turkey facing the Mediterranean Sea. The single runway airport have P3D4 native ground polygon with advanced visual effects, custom ground markings and Autogen.

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