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A few months have passed since our last post about Ben Gurion airport (LLBG), its development for P3D4 is in the hands of David Rosenfeld. Last time, the preview was focused on the latest Terminal 3. Now, there is a video and new screenshots taken from the top view for example, with some terrain and surroundings integration.

In order to fly in the best conditions with the Boeing 737NG modelled by iFly, install FS2Crew add-on to simulate airline operations, with the virtual copilot and other crews interaction, the check-lists, callouts, cabin announcement and more. And there’s a new update v2.6. It’s currently on sale at 50% OFF. FS2Crew also announce that their future edition for the QualityWings 787 is ready, but they are just holding upon the release of the next Service Update.

The new generation scenery design has been used to produced Phuket 2020 by A_A Sceneries. In Thailand, the famous airport for many tourists exists in a new version compatible with P3D v4/v3 and FSX with photoreal and seasonal terrain. A reduced price upgrade is possible if you purchased the previous version. Soon, they will release it for FS9 too.

I know that you don’t want to miss every preview screenshot of the upcoming 747 Classic to be published by Just Flight. This is exactly the kind of classic airliners that can pull me away from the glass cockpits. Before its release, I should look for my old manual about the startup procedure and hydraulics/fuel/electric panels management, I want to be ready on Day 1.

Your FS2Crew addon for Aerosoft Airbus Professional in P3D4 has an update ! Remember the Crew and Airline procedures simulation works with both A320 family and A330 airliners. Now, you should login to simMarket and redownload the full installer of FS2Crew Airbus Pro to upgrade to version 3.8. And its content is listed below : Version 3.8 Change Log: *Fuel Pumps Off in A330 models fixed for the shutdown flow. Flight Director voice command now triggers both FD’s to be off / on. *If performing a Flaps 3 landing in the A330, GPWS Landing Flap 3 no longer selected. *Pack…

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