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The new tool of FSPS manages dynamically the framerates target to let more or less CPU power dedicated to the scenery details and loading. Because the installed sceneries don’t have the same level of complexity, FFTF Dynamic adapts the setting depending on framerates target, flight altitude and the current load on the CPU.

Just like in FSX and all versions of P3D, the default database still comes with defective time zones. When Time Zone Fixer is installed, you don’t have a separate tool or interface to use : all your time zones will be accurate in any version of the supported simulators.

Seattle Airports X will be completed soon by the optional expansion featuring KSEA Seattle Tacoma. Drzewiecki Design is progressing pretty well and this is the first preview in the sim with textures on the buildings, ground polygon textures and airports objects. Initial release will be made for P3D FSX and then converted to X-Plane.

Fly The Maddog X gets a new update version v1.1.0. The best seller from the beginning of this year 2018 will now have a better VNAV management for the vertical profile during descent. Other options or new features are added as well like an optional pause at the Top Of Descent, or options to activate / deactivate RealLight and TrueGlass.

The airports collection of RFscenerybuilding grows to add a new title for P3D v4/v3 and FSX : LJLJ Ljubljana Intl is the airport of the capital in Slovenia. That’s a serious option if you like European airports featuring detailed buildings with nice glass effecs and, custom hard surfaces textures.

Skyline Simulations will not stick to X-Plane only, well MKJS Montego Bay will be the last X-Plane only scenery. They already announced earlier that their production line will then deliver detailed airports sceneries also compatible with P3D v4. KCVG Cincinatti (Kentucky) will be followed by KALO Waterloo Airport (Iowa) and then by KORD Chicago O’Hare.

Vidan Design is already known for the particularly well detailed textures used in their Danish airports. For Aalborg EKYT airport project, the ground polygon will feature high definition and realistic textures as you can see in this preview.

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