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New airport scenery for P3D5 pilots : Aerosoft details the regional airport of Liepaja EVLA, in the Baltic country of Latvia. Numerous and nicely designed 3D objects populate the airport and its surroundings, with PBR materials included. Browse more screenshots at simMarket.

For the Majestic Q400 in P3D, there is an optional Visual Extension Package to add dynamic lights, PBR materials, higher resolution textures, True Glass effects provided by TFDi Design with realistic rain and icing effects on the glareshield. More refinements are included like wheel chocks, and covers over the pitot tube and engine air intake. This add-on is compatible with both Pilot or Pro Editions of the excellent turboprop simulation developed by Majestic Software, for P3D5 or P3D4.5.

FSX/P3D All Access Pack is a complete bundle of the crew simulation add-ons by FS2Crew for many airliner add-ons, compatible with P3D5 down to the legacy FSX versions. Fly the Maddog, PMDG, QualityWings, Flight1 and more : numerous brands are supported. And you get this whole series at 50% OFF until August 18th.

The press release sent by HiFi Simulation Technologies inform the Prepar3D community that they officialy released the new update for ActiveSky P3D, build number 7877. The popular weather and environment manager for P3D5 and P3D4.5 brings several improvements, through a free update that you can download here. _____________________________________ B7877 of ActiveSky P3D has been officially released! This newest update of ASP3D includes several improvements including enhanced EA (Enhanced Atmospherics) mode features with volumetric cloud transition smoothing enhancements, volumetric fog visibility improvements, better P3D version awareness and improved P3D 5.2HF1 integration. This is a free update for all ASP3D users, available…

It’s not so common to reveal the same airports previews for MSFS and Prepar3D at once. FlyTampa will please the vast majority members of the flight sim community with the new screenshots of Amsterdam V2 (EHAM Schipol) and Corfu V2 Airport and Island (LGKR). Soon at simMarket beside Sydney, Las Vegas and Copenhagen on the MSFS side.

Their new Regional scenery Pays-de-Loire VFR 3DA for P3D (v5/v4) and FSX is now available ! This scenery represents the Northen-West area of France including many airports and famous cities. With 3D Automation exclusive technology, France VFR achieves to recreate a large area for VFR flights at low altitude with excellent conditions : photoreal terrain, numerous landmarks and custom buildings, very dense and custom Autogen in local style TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: – Ground textures from 0.8 to 1.20 meter / pixel resolution from IGN aerial photography reworked for an optimal visual rendition- Dedicated mesh with high definition 4.75 meters (LOD13).- Lakes and rivers with…

Every new release of Flightbeam Studios is an event in the community : no difference with the arrival in stock at simMarket of NZAA Auckland for P3D5 P3D4. The main airport of New Zealand display excellent textures work with nice features like SODE jetways and VDGS units, dynamic lights and terminal interior.

Golden Key Studio developers are pleased to announce that a new version 1.5 of their MiG-21Bis “Fishbed” is available for download! And they celebrate this free upgrade for registered customers with a 25% OFF sale for new pilots in Prepar3D, offer valid until July 29th. Release Notes:New features* RADAR “Sapfir-21” – now available for P3D Academic , Pro and ProPlus (Extended Edition)* COMMAND GUIDANCE SYSTEM “LAZUR-M” now available for P3D Academic , Pro and ProPlus (Extended Edition)* SPO-10 – radar exposure warning system – improved functionality now available for P3D Academic , Pro and ProPlus (Extended Edition)* Optical sight –…

It looks like Flightbeam Studios is packing up their scenery for release soon in P3D v5/v4 (MSFS version announced in August 2021). Well anticipated, NZAA Auckland will bring the famous airport of New Zealand into Flight Simulator word with a very high level of quality and details. Browse their set of official screenshots in order to get ready before you can display the same on your own screen soon when you can order at simMarket.

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