Browsing: Prepar3D FlySimWare’s latest “restored” classic aircraft, with a partial modern avionics fit, is the Fairchild PT-26 Cornell ab-initio trainer. There’s a single model in four schemes presented with the package, but it comes with numerous animations, custom sounds and other features. To see the full list, click here.

BlackBox Simulations reported two Interim updates on Tuesday through their Facebook stream. A320 Prologue X-Treme goes to version 0.76, and their long hauler A330 goes to v0.66. Existing customers should have received a notification to proceeed to the update download. Flight performance, fly-by-wire and autopilot features should be even more efficient and realistic now.

The A318 and A319 being prepared by Aerosoft are discovered for first time from the interior, with a capture of the navigation display new features. In FSX and Prepar3d, the Airbus X Extended will be expanded not only with new and smaller aircraft models but also with new features like the Terrain radar on the Navigation Display. Owners of the actual A320/321 (Extended) package will receive these new features for free after A318/319 release.

The D-17 Staggerwing is one of those aircraft whose appeal stretches across generations. The unusual wing arrangement gives it a look unlike any other aircraft and the luxury interior is perfect for those long cross-country cruises just because you’re rich enough to afford that level of quality and comfort. …did I say rich? Well. If you already own a Windows PC, MS FSX or L-M Prepar3D and suitable controls, this Staggerwing from Alabeo is under €20 to add to your hangar. The product page is a bit light on information, but if the picture above alone doesn’t entice you to…

If you follow Lionheart Creations’ William Ortis on social media, you may well be aware that he hit a minor snag with this one a short while ago, as well as the fact that as a subject aircraft, the Fairchild 24 is an aircraft close to his heart – his parents restored an example from rotting to flight in the 1960s. Now, however, we’re pleased to be able to announce that it is available for the rest of us to fly as well – in the simulated worlds of FSX and P3D, at least The package comes with… “a number”……

I consider the Twin Otter X Extended as one of the most appealing current projects for FSX (and this one will work also in P3D), due to its flight capabilities and immersive potential if it’s well done. We may say that at least visually, the 3D details and virtual cockpit textures have high enough definition to confirm the project is really promising from what we’ve seen until now.

httpv:// New entry in the HD Series collection of Carenado : the beautiful Socata TBM 850 is FSX and Prepar3d compliant. The special features look particularly interesting : Carenado G1000 (PFD and MFD) with GCU 475 Control Unit. AFCS GMC 710 autopilot NEW 3D knobs technology Flight Plan creation option directly from the MFD […] Cold and Dark start option

Is the Carenado TBM 850 already in your FSX / Prepar3D hangar ? Go update it, there’s a service pack 2 for you to download. Infos here. Both Bonanza V35 and F33A for X-Plane have been also updated : they are now working with X-Plane 9.7, and X-Plane 10 32/64bits on PC, Mac or Linux OS.

And before anyone complains that we’re using euphamisms for things we shouldn’t, Iris Simulation Software posted the picture above to their Facebook page under the headline “If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck…it must be a…. ?” Well. The one thing it clearly isn’t is of the Anatidae family (that’s “ducks, geese and swans”, to most of us…) but the guessing game on the post didn’t last long before people knew exactly what it was. The question of whether it will be available for FSX as well as P3D was answered with “that’s not been decided…

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