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Announced by RFscenerybuilding, another Italian airport is under works : LIBR Brindisi for P3D v4/v3 and FSX. Settled just at the shoreline, the two crossing runways will be modelled with custom ground textures and will include many details up to 3D people.

The developers team Aeroplane Heaven comment the simulators support, and the probability to leave FSX soon. Their current projects include the Hawker Siddeley HS 748, BAC 1-11, HS Trident, DH 104 Comet, Boeing 707 and the Embraer Regional Jets developed with FeelThere.

On Lionheart Creations Facebook page, load the preview screenshots of the upcoming version 2 of their Learjet LJ24B. They rebuilt the nose and the inner shell, and the rest of the 3D model is based on the existing product released in 2014.

For the fans of Drzewiecki Design and the Polish simmers, visit the airport scenery project of EPLB Lublin, with its 3D terminal under construction. The designers team also announce that Polish Airports vol.2 XP has a new update v2.2, requiring X-Plane 11 only. No more support of X-Plane 10. Changelog : – upgraded Łódź city autogen- runway surface fix for EPLL- better HDR lighting- SAM plugin support (marshallers)- airport aprons with reflections and rain effects

With a growing Chinese community in the flight simulation world, WF Scenery Studio will raise interest of many simmers with the announcement of Kunming Changshui ZPPP project. Their future airport scenery for P3D will feature PBR textures and other nice stuff like wet effects and photoreal terrain.

Flyware will present this year a sequence of updates and extensions, some of them minor, some extensive. One of the new updates contains a Mooney Bravo panel, as as well as a set of new engine gauges for the Kingair 200 and 350. Added features: QNH will be 2-sided, so the F/O can set his own altimeter (transition altitude/height).The ADF indicator will change now needles VOR1/VOR2 and ADF1/ADF2. A separate key command can be set for this purpose.Night lighting is now available. You can set you intensity and tone of colour.For those who run more than 1 client on a machine: You can…

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