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Three important aircraft add-ons are currently in development for P3D, and Just Flight have new screens to show their progress. The first pics posted here show the BAe 146 Professional : tested in P3D5, the preview shows the new custom-coded FMS. Below are copied the preview pics of the Airbus A300B4-200, focused on the virtual cockpit with realistic textures and advanced 3D details. And now, here are the first screenshots to reveal the virtual cockpit of the Fokker F-28 with the textures applied on the 3D model.

The developer PESIM informed us that he’s currently working on the airport scenery of Biarritz LFBZ, located in the Southwestern region of France. “The ground work is complete including an ultra realistic design and PBR as well as custom and generic rain effects. Airport lights objects as well as windsocks have also been added as well as 3D grass. We still have a lot of work to do on the effects and modeling of buildings + object libraries as well as vehicles and other animations before launching the beta tests.” We wish him good luck to complete his scenery who…

In accordance with Aerosoft statement about MSFS scenery add-ons projects, when the product manager announced they will revisit the exising airports collection for Microsoft’s simulator, the next title will be Trondheim ENVA for MSFS. The Norwegian airport located betweem Bergen and Tromsø exists currently in Version 2 for P3D v5/v3 and FSX.

Fresh new from A_A Sceneries about their Malaysian airport scenery of KLIA at Kuala Lumpur. They are preparing a new version for P3D v4.5, to be compatible also with P3D5. All jetways at KLIA and KLIA2 will be SODE animated models, and the upgrade will require just a small fee.

Great news have been reported by the makers of the Concorde for Just Flight : DC-Designs comes with new preview pics shot in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their publisher will release it first for P3D, and an upgrade to MSFS will be possible after that. About the systems and visuals, the developer ensures that their add-on will require to respect the numbers to achieve the supersonic and high cruise level of the bird, by using fuel transfers and the specific climb process. The virtual cockpit will be also even enhanced for MSFS version.

Another beautiful “Landmarks” add-on is coming from Drzewiecki Design for MSFS : the US federal capital will be vastly enhanced with 1’500 buildings and custom objects with PBR textures. 4 Airports of the area will also receive upgrades, except KDCA Ronald Reagan Airport. This is Washington Landmarks MSFS :

Rebuilt from scratch, Bristol 2020 HD will be the first add-on of UK2000 Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The British team also mentioned there will be a 50% discount for owners of the 2019 HD version that was designed for P3D X-Plane. The exact final price will be announced later.

Among the masterpieces add-ons that everybody has on target, we’ll keep an eye at LatinVFR because they are already preparing KMIA Miami for Microsoft Flight Simulator. That’s a classic scenery for virtual airliners pilots who like to fly to the US East coast in Florida !

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