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On the X-Plane side of UK2000 Scenery development, Belfast International (EGAA) is expected for release at the beginning of next month in February. The complete features list and additional screenshots have been published here. The British developers announced earlier they have stopped development for X-Plane 10 since it’s incompatible with new XP11 features (like PBR), and too few people have stayed with the older sim. The British publisher and developers team announce they will release their new PA-28-181 Archer III for X-Plane this month, so in just a few days. It will complete their existing Piper collection and registered customers of a PA-28 model for X-Plane will be able to purchase this one with a discount.

In July 2018, the 747 Classic model was still an early project with blank textures on the exterior body. Now if you check the product page at Just Flight, the virtual cockpit and the United livery are visible. The 747-100 /200 /200F variants are developed for P3D v4/v1 and FSX.

Close to Southampton, UK2000 Scenery is designing the airport of Bournemouth EGHH. Release planned for next month. As always, their scenery will integrate detailed and accurate custom buildings with nice environment integration and Autogen.

Mexico will be added to your virtual flight destinations when you enter the latest preview of Mex High Flight ! Here are the latest screens of the developement of Merida MMMD in Yucatan state. It will be a scenery for P3D 4.4 and FSX.

Aerosoft has two upcoming products for X-Plane 11 both announced with quick preview shots : the CRJ-200, where 50 passengers can take place and pilots use the Collins Pro Line avionics. Berlin Brandenburg scenery product will include Willy Brandt and Berlin Schönefeld, using high definition photoreal terrain textures.  

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