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FSexpo : Aerosoft – Aircraft A330 MSFS Trailer

Last weekend, Aerosoft team was exhibiting their upcoming long-haul airliner for MSFS the A330 for MSFS at FlightSimExpo in Houston. Their official trailer produced in


FSexpo Live : iniBuilds Announced A300-600 for MSFS

During Flight Sim Expo weekend, the developers group iniBuilds revealed their new airliner under progress for MSFS, the Airbus A300-600.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 – Official FAQ

Microsoft released a short teaser trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, the next generation of the popular franchise. They apologize for the delayed communication and


SimWorks Studios – PC-12 MSFS Project News

SimWorks Studios shared a preview album mainly focused on their project of the PC-12 for MSFS. Each picture has captions to detail on what they

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