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The main night textures tasks for ZBAA Bejing airport scenery are are done, announce A_A Sceneries. Still remain the final touch to the satellite photo at night, tweaks and bugs checking. When they can, the first release will be for FSX users. Second, will come out the P3D4 version with dynamic lights. And last, X-Plane pilots will also have their Beijing airport scenery.

At the beginning of this year, Majestic Software confirms their first priority will be the Q400 Training Edition. It’s not decided yet if they will implement new visual features like PBR effects, advanced rain effects and dynamic lights to follow the release of P3D v4.4. After the Train Edition, they will focus again on the development of the Q300 V2.

The TA-4J is a trainer variant of the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, without weapons systems. It’s the current project of IndiaFoxtEcho and there’s a poll via Facebook to know if the product should be compatible for FSX with some limitations, or if it should a P3D v4.4 product only with PBR features and better systems.

The modern business jet Challenger 605 of Bombardier in current development by Eaglesoft Development Group will be a product for FSX and P3D v3, in a first time. They named that product series Extreme Generation Three, and there will be the Cessna Citation X too. In a second time, those aircraft should be developed for P3D 4 too.

The popular team of Aeroplane Heaven is modelling a shiny Cessna 140, the first commercial success of Cessna company immediately after the Second World War. Despite of the its simple architecture and rough comfort, the pilot had complete avionics for this era : airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, turn coordinator, heading indicator, … After Baltimore Washington KBWI and Santiago V2 SCEL, LatinVFR is working on New Orleans KMSY in Louisiana, USA. Like other major designer teams, LatinVFR will take advantage of the latest P3D v4.4 visual features including the Physically Based Rendering effects, particularly efficient when the hard surface is wet.

In 2017 and last year in 2018, Dreamflight Studios confirmed the development of Quito SEQM in Ecuador for P3D v4. The original developer partners now with FlightBeam Studios. A joint message from both teams adds two preview screenshots of the airport scenery in development.

The developers of the 757 Captain III introduce the future Freighter expansion for the base pack. It will include many engines variants with their respective performance and FMC setup. You will be able to handle the cargo features and animations from the FMC or with the dedicated 2D panel.

The last product released by Rotate for X-Plane is the MD-80. Their next airliner project is getting very popular in the community since the MD-11 fans are numerous and the 3D model looks very good already. Their last preview info details the electrical system and its respective lower ECAM displays.

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