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Planned for this month : a new version of KMIA Miami will come out for the latest versions of P3D, minimum v4.4. The major and popular airport scenery designed by LatinVFR will use PBR effects on the terminal buildings, the P3D native ground, the highly detailed jetways. This new version will also get expanded city area and photoreal terrain. That’s not all, because new features will also include wet effects and the aircraft wheels will react differently in hard conditions. After Airport Madness 3D 1 and 2, the ATC games series will be expanded in late 2019 by Airport Madness Pro release. Big Fat Simulations want to add more realism with accurate airlines, more detailed airports, and further control on aircraft movements with actual taxiways assignments.

With 2 wing variants and 12 liveries, Aeroplane Heaven listed all other features of their upcoming Socata MS 893. A new project has been also announced, the Douglas C-47 / DC-3, to be their most detailed 3D model with PBR textures both inside and outside. The first screenshots are 3D renders out of the sim.

Another building 3D model completes the previous development screens revealed in the past by Gaya Simulation. With high definition textures, their texture depicts well the rough material in this 3D render, part of the upcoming X-Plane scenery of Courchevel, LFLJ airport found in the French Alps.

Just Flight is looking for actual pilots and instructors who master the PA-38 Tomahawk to consolidate the testers team. Meanwhile, common simmers can enjoy the PBR effects applied on the high definition textures used to wrap the detailed 3D model and virtual cockpit.

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