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After the release of Inverness, the next airport in high definition coming from UK2000 Scenery will be Bristol EGGD. Today, the designers team announce the following titles planned on their roadmap for 2020 : Luton 2020 HD Glasgow 2020 HD Edinburgh 2020 HD Stansted 2020 HD Cardiff 2020 HD East Midlands 2020 HD

Even if you don’t know where Eilat is, the most observant of you will have noted by the ICAO code (LLER) that the airport is in Israel. Yes, that’s the place where Virtual Development Group will soon introduce their airport scenery with PBR effects, dynamic lighting and photorealistic surroundings in high definition according to their recent announcement.

After Inverness 2019 (EGPE), existing for both P3D4 and X-Plane 11, UK2000 Scenery is pushing Bristol 2019 HD (EGGD) which will use their new generation design techniques. Their last screenshots of the upcoming product already have PBR effects and dynamic lights effects active.

In the advanced simulated aircraft collection of Just Flight, the next title is the popular Robin DR 400. Equipped with a full set of functional IFR gauges, and mapped with PBR textures of 4096 pixels resolution, their product for P3D / FSX will be released soon.

A few weeks ago, we reported here the first batch of preview screenshots from A_A Sceneries about their development of Phuket VTSP in Thailand. Since then, new pics of the night lighting and seasonal terrain have been shared ! It looks like the wait to the final release should not take too long.

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