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Chris Palmer (of Angle of Attack) and Nick Churchill (the ‘Screenshot Artist’) are among the many fans of FSAddon’s Plum Island airport by Bill Womack. So much so that they figured they’d want to review it and tell you about it. It has become a wonderful story, with equally wonderful screenshots to reinforce the words! Read all about Plum Island here, and purchase it from simMarket when done!

SceneryTech have released their improved landclass for Australia and Indonesia. In their own words “…… SceneryTech’s Indo-Pacific Landclass for FSX perfectly demonstrates how SceneryTech hopes to transform the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, employing innovative development techniques not used anywhere else. SceneryTech’s products fix nearly every issue found in the default landclass, from pervasive desertification of the landscape to missing towns and cities. Most importantly, it will ramp up the realism and make the FS world a more interesting place to fly…..”. Check it out for yourself and get it at simMarket.

CPFlight has put yet another bit of kit onto the simMarket shelves. “……. The MCP737PRO is a full scale replica of Boeing 737 MODE CONTROL PANEL. The module is complete and ready to use and interface with Microsoft Flight Simulator through Project Magenta. MCP737PRO is connected to the PC through USB. Package include an universal power supply adapter and USB cable. USB driver and test program software can be free downloaded at CPflight web site download page…..”. Building a cockpit? Visit simMarket and get the MCP737PRO here.

Fernando Herrera of Carenado has announced their ‘Christmas Special’. A discounted package of their Cherokee PA-28 bundled with the venerable Cessna 182RG. Good news too for the good ol’ FS2004 users, because the deal goes for them too. Check out the FS2004 package here on simMarket, and the FSX version here !

Obviously it has become easier to build ‘phototexture scenery’ with the advent of FSX, judging from the number of such products on the market today. Good for simmers, as long as not all authors cover the same square mile of our globe. Sim Scenery released some ‘picture landscape’ of Australia now! Wanna go fly over Sydney and surrounding area? Then check out this title on simMarket.

Raimondo Taburet has released his Anchorage Photorealistic. “…… It is a photorealistic scenery for day and night  (summer only) covering the whole area of Anchorage. The scenery resolution is 1.2 m pix to ensure that all users benefit from the highest frames rates as possible in order to achieve a pleasant experience ! Very easy download and automatic installation ! Fully compatible with FSX SP1, SP2 and Acelleration…..”. Now on simMarket’s shelves.

Now available from simMarket is the Aerosoft Paderborn-Lippstadt title fopr FS2004 (FSX version was reeased earlier). “…. Visit the home base airport of Aerosoft and location of the German Flight Simulation Conference in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004. The airport Paderborn/Lippstadt has been developed using the latest FSX technologies and therefore comes in an extreme level of detail. A must-have for all Aerosoft fans and friends of high-end graphics…..”. At simMarket here and free upgrade for FSX owners.

“….Ah, yes, of course”, my pal said with a none too convinced look in his eyes, “mega anything, mate”. Fact is with all these superlatives flying around these days in the FS world the PCAviator series of Megascenery does seem to be a bit outdated by now. But new titles continue to pop up, so go and have a mega look at the pages of your mega FS shop and maybe do a mega purchase for your holidays!! Las Vegas? Tahoe? Hawaii????

We have absolutely no idea what a VDC Reductor is, but it’s cheap, you might need it when building a cockpit, and you can get it on simMarket now ! Oh yes, together with some other CP Flight bits and pieces, such as a VDC Buffer Adapter or a, yesssss!, Blkbox (who can resist for only 113 Euros and with a power supply included !?). Whatever they are, they’re meant for FS2000 to FS2004 and no doubt cockpit builders will know what to do with these ! Get all CP Flight products on simMarket!

Aerosoft has released a package of missions for FSX Bush Pilots “…… Fly twelve challenging missions with the Aerosoft Beaver X. Some missions will not end as you expect them to do and it is good to be prepared to make an unscheduled stop in the vast Alaskan wilderness. Many hours of flying pleasure guaranteed…..”, is what they write. For more information and purchase, check out the simMarket product page here.

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