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AirSimmer Update v.1.2 Released

AirSimmer wrote : “We are pleased to announce that the AirSimmer Development Team has released the much-awaited v.1.2 Systems Update for the AirSimmer A320 Basic

AirSimmer Update Announced

AirSimmer reports that they have “…. released Systems Update v1.1 and Tablet PC Update v.1.1 for customers of the the AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition. Please

Finally, An Airbus !

Many people have been waiting for this a LOOOOONG time…. a detailed Airbus with actual working systems! Dreamfleet in the US was working on one,

You Can’t Please Them All

It is the eternal dilemma for FS devs and publishers….. how to get their customers news, while not getting flamed for it. I guess Airsimmer

Airsimmer Airbus Further Delayed

Nikolay Efimov, the one member of the Airsimmer group who does not live in Russia, has posted on their forums that there is really no

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