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IndiaFoxtEcho – PBR Test in P3D v4.4

Add-ons developers have been interested in the integration of PBR materials effects allowed by the latest P3D 4.4 update, in order to upgrade the graphics

Freeware Navy Jets Updated

The high quality freeware navy jets from Dino Cattaneo have been getting updates again, with the end of last week seeing the release of updates

Dino’s F-35 Freeware

For those that aren’t aware, on the last day or 2012, Dino Cattaneo released his previously payware F-35 A/B/C package as version 2.10 with a

Dino Cattaneo – F-35

Joint Strike Fighter is the multirole fighter program launched in the early 1990’s by Lockheed Martin with Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems. The first test

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