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MS Flight : fly for free

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The third preview video of MS Flight has been entitled “Fly for free”. Let’s see how much simmers will bet to resolve this new enigma ..


New Microsoft Flight pics

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The Microsoft games studios dev team put new content on Flight official website. 4 scenic screenshots can be “analyzed” and a short text confirms that you will be able to use Flight offline, since some people feared the contrary due to the mention of Games for Windows Live.


Microsoft Flight screenshots

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You will find 6 new preview screenshots of Microsoft Flight on their official website, showing their design efforts on water, trees, Autogen and other environment visuals. Earlier this month, developers also replied to some comments we read a lot here and there, about “simulator” dropped from the game title, the…


Microsoft Flight video

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Microsoft has published another little teaser video, under the name Webisode 1 Soul. We don’t have much to see, just a plane flying over the trees.


Helicopter Principles Of Flight

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Browsing the internet searching for something, I happened upon a site in Thailand that explains the workings of helicopter flight. Since there are new people to our hobby, and to aviation indeed,  all the time, maybe worth mentioning this site here. It has some nice explaining pictures and covers the…