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Aerobask – Viper Jet LXR X-Plane 10

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httpv:// Aerobask confirm you can purchase your own civilian jet through Viper Aircraft Corporation, well, via simMarket for X-Plane 10 I must admit. The fully animated airplane features various simulated systems that allow you follow the startup procedure for example.

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JustFlight L1011 gets professional

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Earlier today, JustFlight announced the release of the Professional version of their L1011 Tristar jet airliner and tanker/transport. With four variants, three military and the -500 airliner, the classic jet package has now been taken to new heights with the addition of a Honeywell FMS, functional flight engineer panel, new…

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Dino’s “final?” Goshawk update

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Over the weekend, Dino Cattaneo released what may be the final, version 2.70, update for his freeware FSX/P3D Boeing T-45C Goshawk naval training aircraft. Over the years since the release of the Goshawk, it has seen many, many iterations and improvements and is one of the best pieces of freeware…


Lionheart – LJ24B FSX/P3D/P3DV2

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It’s a full package for FSX or P3D that Lionheart Creations introduce as the LJ24B. Their executive jet is “full of neat features” according to the developers. From the virtual cockpit and the simulated systems, they made also visible efforts on the exterior model and textures.

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Iris’s new Bird of Prey in the skies

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Iris Simulation’s “Airforce Series Raptor Driver” is an ‘artistic representation’ of the F-22 “Air Dominance Fighter”, of which a little under 200 have been delivered to the US Air Force – the type’s only real world operator. The package is available for MS FSX and a discount is available for purchasers…


Carenado new products for FSX/P3D and X-Plane

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Whether you fly in FSX/P3D or X-Plane 10 skies, Carenado have something new for you. Both are adapted for executive flights, but the FSX/P3D model is a twinjet : the Phenom 100 in the HD Series. On the other hand, the B200 King Air, a popular turboprop, is waiting for…

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JustFlight Canberra now at simMarket

By 0 As is usual these days, following the ‘sole point of purchase’ period at the developers’ own website, products are released to resellers as well. In this instance, the product is JustFlight’s Canberra PR9 for FSX and P3D. As you can see from the video above, the package isn’t just…

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Makeover for Flight Replicas’ 262s

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Flight Replicas have released an updated “Special Edition” of their Me-262a “Schwalbe” (Swallow) WW2 Luftwaffe jet fighter, featuring a number of updates and upgrades surrounding the VC and flight dynamics. Much of the pre-existing exterior model has, however, been retained – resulting in a less-than usual price for the Special…

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Aerosoft announce E-E Lightning

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In the Cold War hangar at the RAF Museum, Cosford, there’s a jet stood on its tail, suspended from the ceiling at pretty much exactly right angles to the ground. Why? Because it’s an English Electric Lightning and that’s what the “Frightning” does best – accelerate while climbing vertically… Possibly…

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