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Sim Skunk Works – Fiat-Aeritalia G-91 for MSFS

By 0 A new military jet aircraft for MSFS is in stock at simMarket. The designers team Sim Skunk Works has the above video and a few screenshots for you to check and enjoy their Fiat-Aeritalia G-1. The product description announce “Almost all real system”, with “Weapon system” and even an…


Sim Skunk Works – P3D V5 Aircraft

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Sim Skunk Works launched at simMarket a large selection of military jets for P3D V5. For example, the FRF-104G, PA-200 Tornado, F-104S or F-84F Thunderstreak and others are ready for take-off with lots of liveries and weapons pack.

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Sim Skunk Works – PA-200 Tornado announcement

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Don’t be afraid of SSW acronym written on the pic, Sim Skunk Works has nothing related with the old Russian team, authors of the A310. You should even know about their popular and freeware F-104 Starfighter. They won’t stop offering the FS Community freeware military jets, as their next gift will…

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Sim Skunk Works F/RF-104G

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Sim Skunk Works have announced the release of their F/RF-104G model for Microsoft FSX. The package includes “F/RF-104 G MAP and Consortium models in Belgian, Danish, Dutch, German, Hellenic, Italian, Spanish, Turkish versions, all differences in internal configurations and external loadout have been mantained for historical correctness.” To read the…