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Indiafoxtecho – F-14 Tomcat MSFS Released

IndiaFoxtEcho‘s collaboration with Heatblur brings you an unparalleled experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator with their realistic F-14 Tomcat add-on, available on SIMMARKET. This iconic American

IndiaFoxtEcho – Tornado MSFS Project News

IndiaFoxtEcho, the renowned flight simulation developer, extends apologies for the recent lack of communication and updates. The team has been working tirelessly on their two

Aerosoft – F-14 X Review

Different people get excited by different announcements in our hobby. Seeing Aerosoft working on a Tomcat certainly got my heart racing. The product in question

Tomcat traps a 3-wire

After the slight black mark of yesterday’s missed approach, the Aerosoft F-14X today got an “OK Pass” marking from the Landing Systems Officer and has

New pics of Aerosoft Tomcat F-14X

There are new pictures of the Tomcat F-14X project in Aerosoft previews forum. You can even load a screenshot of the Radar Intercepter Officer panel that

Aerosoft F-14X Tomcat preview

Engineered and manufactured  by Grumman for the US Navy, the F-14 Tomcat will get a new virtual life in our flight simulators thanks to Aerosoft F-14 X

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