Author: Miguel Blaufuks

OrbX Releases FTX AU BLUE SP1

Orbx is pleased to announce the release of FTX AU BLUE Service Pack 1 (SP1). This free download for all AU BLUE customers adds over

We are back!

After a nightmare of night and morning fighting against a non willing host, servers and databases, we managed to get back on track without loosing

Navigraph New Airport and Enroute Charts

An announcement from the guys at Navigraph: “The airport charts and enroute charts available for download via the nDAC software have now been updated. The

CityBird Virtual To Take Off Soon

Francois Vranken of CityBird VA announced today: “CityBird was founded in 1996 and flew passengers to holiday destinations in Florida and the Caribbean, initially aiming

Ground Environment X USA-Canada for FSX

Flight One Software has released the DVD version of Ground Environment X USA-Canada for FSX. Ground Environment X brings all-new ground textures to FSX using

Welcome to the new simFlight Site!

Greetings! You have found the new system site! Now based on WordPress the site comes with all the functionality of the so named ‘Web

Learjet 45 Panel From FriendlyPanels

FriendlyPanels has published yet another one of their ‘combination panels’, the latest one being for the Learjet 45 of FS2004 and FSX. “…All gauges are

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