JustSim – LEBL & EDDH Updates

JustSim sent yesterday their update for LEBL Barcelona El Prat. The spanish airport received a new model for Terminal 1, reduced the memory usage by 30%, and added ground vehicles modeds. If not appeared yet in your user account, it will in a few hours. Registered customers will be notified by an email from simMarket. […]

Flysimware – Updates

Two products of Flysimware have been updated according to their latest notification.

For the Cessna 402C, the “vibration and EGT value got fixed in the virtual cockpit. And for the Cessna 441 Conquest II, only the vibration needed a fix in the same view. Patches download links follow here.

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Los Angeles for Airport Madness 3D

Play as tower controller in another airport as a free update for Airport Madness 3D.

In KLAX Los Angeles too, you will be able to take up the challenging game modes like Building Traffic with the increasing movements to manage !

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Cielosim – Jacksonville KJAX v1.1 Update

All registered customers of Jacksonville airport (KJAX) can access to the new update v1.1 made available by the developers Cielosim.

Many simmers requested animated jetways, more visual effects and a few issues fixes. It’s done ! simMarket customers are invited to drop a message here and then they will receive the update download link.


iBlueYonder – Service Pack 1 for Nantucket Island

A few fixes and new items added will be installed into the fantastic scenery of Nantucket Island, developed by Bill Womack/iBlue Yonder, and published by Just Flight.

The full changelog is edited on the developer’s webpage.

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FSDreamTeam – Memphis KMEM Update On The Way

In order to improve significantly the memory usage and visuals of Memphis airport KMEM, FSDreamTeam will deliver soon an interesting update to their scenery users.

See the results, before / after by clicking here.

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JustSim – Innsbruck Airport LOWI V2 X-Plane 10/11

Another update for X-Plane pilots is suggested to existing owners and new customers of JustSim, this time it’s aimed at Innsbruck LOWI.

The Autrian airport serving the Tyrol province is now compatible with X-Plane 11 and loads at the same time the new features that JustSim prepares in their the newest generation. The upgrade can […]

FSLabs – A320-X for P3D Available

Flight Sim Labs released the P3D version of their top notch A320-X.

Thanks to the latest update v1.93, a majority of users also reported a large memory usage saving, between 250 Mb and 400 Mb.

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JustSim – LFMN Nice V2 X-Plane 10/11

New and important features are included in JustSim LFMN Nice V2 for X-Plane. Beside X-Plane 11 compatibility, the designers added autogates and reflections effects on all windows and glass surfaces.

The beautiful airport with its singular misaligned ILS on runway 04R comes in its new version after a 5 EUR fee upgrade at simMarket.

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Flight 1 – 4 New XpressSim Sceneries

Sold at very low prices under 6 USD each, Flight 1 and Scenery Solutions add 4 new sceneries to the XPressSim collection with 2 products in French Corsica island including Ajaccio and Propriano airports and cities.

The last two products are made for Patras region : the airport in one hand and in the other […]