BBS A330/A340 v0.80 within 48h

BlackBox Simulation has finally achieved their version V0.80 for the Airbus A330/A340 widebody.

Within 48 hours, the new installer will be uploaded to the shops and ready in your customer account downloads.

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Version 1.2 of FS2Crew PMDG 777

It’s now time to update to version 1.2 your FS2Crew for PMDG 777.

Various procedures, commands triggers, or tiny issues are fixed or completed. FSX Steam Edition is now also supported. Full change log here.

Redownload the main installer to proceed to the new version.

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Captain Sim 777 update 1.6

Sent to their registered users of the 777, Captain Sim‘s message informed them there’s an update 1.6 waiting for download.

They added the ability to pause the simulator at the top of descent, and the Expanded Fuel indications. that show the remaining quantities on EICAS display when non-normal conditions occur according to SmartCockpit.

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JustFlight – Canberra PR9 Service Pack 2


The registered customers of the Canberra PR9 by Just Flight get access to the Service Pack 2 that revises its flight dynamics, the 3D model, the GPU position and adds FSX SE compatibility.

Download the SP2 here if you have the box or if you purchased at simMarket. Otherwise, redownload at Just Flight.


Navigraph Airac Cycle 1501

Since a few days already, the first update of the Navigraph navigation database has been online.

Launch the FMS Data Manager to update your compatible addons at once.

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LatinVFR – KSNA John Wayne also for FS9

LatinVFR didn’t forget their long time FS9 customers : their latest airport scenery depicting the Californian Orange County KSNA John Wayne is now also compatible with “FS2004 A Century of Flight”.

It’s even included in the same product than FSX/P3D versions, so if you purchased it earlier, now you get the FS9 installer download […]

Cessna Soloy U206G Freeware: Work in Progress

From time to time – unfortunately more and more rarely! – we are offered a freeware jewel. This is the case of a marvellous Cessna U206 converted model with a turbo engine by Soloy. This is a work in progress – not released yet – but you can check the first development steps […]

PFPX Update 1.18

In some remaining cases, minor issues or crash of the software may occur so it’s always better to update to avoid you to experience them.

Professional Flight Planner X v1.18 even adds a few CFMU route restrictions. Here’s the update to download.

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PFPX – Update 1.17

Thanks to the latest update 1.17, Professional Flight Planner X can now export the flight plan route to Squawkbox 3, or iFly Boeing 747-400 v2. For this last one, FlightSimSoft authors even added the specific aircraft configurations file.

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29Palms KTNP patched for MegaScenery Earth California

29Palms patched their new scenery KTNP “Twentynine Palms” to make it compatible with MegaScenery Earth Southern California.

But in case you only have the default scenery of FSX or P3D v2, there are already 250 sq. km of HD photoreal terrain included.

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