Active Sky Next SP3 public release

It’s now safe and highly recommanded to upgrade Active Sky Next with the new Service Pack 3 its final public release.

Before any support request, it will be also requested that you have installed it first.

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727 Captain – Update 2.6

Captain Sim sent out a newsletter to their customers to let them know about the release of their Service Pack 2.6 for the 727 Captain.

Prepar3D compatibility and various systems enhancements are listed in this update content as shown on their website here.

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A_A Sceneries fix Kuala Lumpur v2 KLIA

Quickly after its public release, Kuala Lumpur v2 receives an update from A_A Sceneries to fix the wrongs signs, the crash happening when parked on gate P4-12P, and the service vehicles that used the taxiway.

The version 2 added the new modern KLIA2 terminal to the original KLIA Kuala Lumpur scenery released a few months […]

GSX final update 1.9.11

A new update for Ground Services X makes it leave the Beta status for this final version 1.9.11 with new operators added and faster cache regeneration.

The most popular addon of FSDT can be purchased at simMarket, and find more info about this update in their forum.

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Aerosoft – AES v2.39

Airport Enhancement Services (AES) can be updated to version 2.39 to fix a few animations in previously supported airports, and to add more compatible airports :

KRSW LatinVFR Ft Myers-Southwest Florida Intl KSEA Taxi2Gate Seattle-Tacoma Intl LFBD FranceVFR Bordeaux Merignac YSSY FlyTampa Sydney Intl (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); […]

ETS 2 : Update v1.19 is out

Virtual trucks drivers in Euro Truck Simulator 2 have another update v1.19 ready for download from SCS Software. Among their customers, those who have Going East! expansion have 2 new cities added in Hungary.

Various fine tuning items and little improvements like interior sounds for clicks in the cabin, wheels on different kinds of surface, […]

FSDT – Ground Services X update v1.9.10

Important news come today from FSDreamTeam as their best seller GSX receives a new update v1.9.10 as a public Beta.

A new pushback truck model has been added, the joystick is automatically disabled when you launch the editing modes, and improvements to their Couatl software should avoid it to crash.

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Dragoneye – Hong Kong V2 preview

Released in 2014 by Scenery On Demand, Dragoneye Hong Kong scenery was already a wide and appreciated improvement for the whole region with its numerous islands, bridges, lakes, power lines and so on.

Add on top of that that it’s compatible with FlyTampa classic airport, it was hard to imagine they would improve it. Well, […]

Aerosoft – Night Environment British Isles v1.7 Released

Chris Bell, The developer of Night Environment British Isles has pushed v1.7 of British Isles. v1.7 Brings an Addition of his NEXM Config tool which gives you the ability to tweak/enhance pretty much ALL aspects you can find for each type of light. The tool is really handy and if you haven’t bought it […]

PFPX updated to version 1.22

The new update version 1.22 for Professional Flight Planner is ready before you fly this weekend so you can plan your next routes with new Airbus aircraft types supported, and a new series of improvements and bugs fixes.

The full program is in the shop here, and the upgrade download can be found here.

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