Version 3 of FSLoadmaster

FSLoadMaster from PegasusWeb is an inexpensive, stand-alone, tool, allowing you to calculate fuel burn – and thus loading – for a wide variety of aircraft in the FS world.

A new update to version 3, which is free to existing users, brings three new aircraft profiles, direct load of performance data from MSFS titles, an […]

Adding the official Mercedes New Actros in ETS 2 v1.18

No more ‘Majestic’ invented brand in Euro Truck Simulator 2, Mercedes-Benz will finally takes its place beside all other officially licenced trucks manufacturers.

SCS Software added in open-beta version the new Actros truck with the last update version 1.18. Other significant changes are included : support of DRL (daylight running lights), pedestrians, improved vegetation, new […]

FS2Crew for the Triple 7 gets an update

FS2Crew have also got some PMDG news today, in the form of version 1.5 of their package for the Boeing 777 series.

The new version brings, as you might note from the video, a French flight crew, as well as bug fixes and enhancements. If you already own the FS2Crew 777 package, then it’s […]

Aerosoft/Sim-Wings – La Palma X soon

Only the 3D custom terrain using HD photoreal textures at 0.25m/pixel is already very interesting at La Palma X GCLA, because of its particular coastlines slopes, bridges and underpass.

Manfred Spatz of Sim-Wings team adds some life with animated traffic and airport vehicles thanks to AESLite. The surroundings are also included with all the island […]

PFPX Update 1.21

For Professional Flight Planner X, Flightsimsoft uploaded another update 1.21 for their tool.

The calculation speed has speend optimized, various free routes airspace have been added as well.

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FS++ – Radar Contact 4 plugin for X-Plane

FS++ Limited is providing here just a plugin, not Radar Contact V4 itself. RC4 is a well-known ATC software, that installs different human voices sets and enables a much more advanced air traffic control for FSX/FS2004.

Developed by the team leaded by John Dekker, RC4 uses accurate ATC rules and phraseology. FS++ Limited ‘just’ […]

Airport Madness WE – Funchal added in next update

Funchal Madeira will be the main item shipping with the next free update 1.30 -planned on May 9th- for Airport Madness World Edition.

The addictive ATC game in tower position of Big Fat Simulations already includes the following airports : Las Vegas, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York JFK, Honolulu, Anchorage and London Heathrow.

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PMDG 777 Memory leak to be fixed

The developers at PMDG finally identified the origin of remaining memory leak issue on the 777.

Next week, another update for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D v2 should be online according to their latest announcement.

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simMarket new products

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#gallery-50573-1-slideshow .slideshow-slide img { max-height: 410px; /* Emulate max-height in IE 6 */ _height: expression(this.scrollHeight >= 410 ? ‘410px’ : ‘auto’); } Realworld Scenery – Florida Northwest : 4th and last part to cover the entire state of Florida with HD photoreal textures. Realworld Scenery – Chicago : another […]

Active Sky Next Service Pack 2C

With the new Service Pack 2C installed in your Active Sky Next repertory, you will improve again the performance and stability, especially for P3D V2 et FSX Steam Edition.

Get the full report of HiFi Technologies by clicking here.

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