Active Sky Next Service Pack 2C

With the new Service Pack 2C installed in your Active Sky Next repertory, you will improve again the performance and stability, especially for P3D V2 et FSX Steam Edition.

Get the full report of HiFi Technologies by clicking here.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 : update 1.17

The public beta version 1.17 has been added to Steam so the virtual trucks drivers can take advantage of new enhancements, and many of them have been directly requested by the community to the developers.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 now supports the sequential wipers, sets a higher limit of drivers hired by your virtual […]

Flight1 Software update GTN avionics

Flight1 Software have announced an update to their popular Garmin GTN avionics packages for FSX and P3D.

Both the GTN-650 and -750 now support the new PC Trainer V5, including a worldwide database, plus other significant changes like the use of all CPU cores, world database update, and display of geo-referenced charts behind the […]

Orbx Trees and Norway SP1

Orbx’s FTX Trees HD, from developer Scott Armstrong, was actually released a couple of days ago, but claims among the visual improvement you’d expect, to improve FSX’s performance with an “up to a 20% INCREASE in FPS and no increase in VAS usage compared to what you are experiencing now“. Compatible with FSX and […]

FSX: Steam Edition News


There have been a couple of announcements from Dovetail Games regarding their Steam Edition version of FSX today – a public beta test version of a patch, plus a new add-on pack.

“Cargo Crew” is the second DLC available through Steam exclusively for DTG’s version of FSX and comprises 20 missions which will […]

Aerosoft Airbus SP3 Released

The newly released update for the Aerosoft Airbus A318/319/320/321 products brings a number of new features.

Two of the most obvious and most popular are an enhanced weather radar designed to look for turbulence rather than just rain, plus “experimental” shared cockpit functionality designed for multi-crew use. There are also a number of sound and […]

FSPassengers X 2015

FSPassengers is a well regarded add-on for both FS9 and X, bringing not only passengers, but also interactions with crew, plus career features, into your simulator experience.

Now, available from simMarket, comes FSPassengersX 2015, allowing you to run the application in either or both Microsoft FSX DVD Edition, or FSX Steam Edition. If you […]

ActiveSky Next SP2 goes official

Following a not inconsiderable open beta test period, HiFi Tech have formally released the latest version of their widely used Active Sky Next package, nominally referred to as Service Pack 2b (SP2B), but also version B5575, for both FSX and P3D.

The changelist for version SP2B can be found on the developers’ website here, […]

Navigraph Airac Cycle 1504

Launch Navigraph FMS Data Manager to update your navigation database with the new Airac Cycle 1504, it will be automatically processed.

The manual download is still available, if you prefer to pick up each update for the addons you have. You need another link, if you run out of Coupons.

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Antarctica X – Update 1.1 released

Antarctica X receives today a free update 1.1. The very large covered area is completed by the Aerosoft Twin Otter X, and includes also missions to make you explore and enjoy all the best of the product.

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