“CPS” Concorde Performance System 3.0

The free tool of Pierre Chassang and Pierre Dolez for FSLabs Concorde X and for SSTSIM Concorde exists now in a new version 3.0.

Aimed at medium to hardcore simmers, their software can help in preflight procedures, fuel calculation and weight balance. And the new V3 has now an airports database updatable via Navigraph, [...]

FSPS – FSX Fiber Accelerator Update 1.3

Registered customers of FSPS – FSX Fiber Accelerator may have been noticed about the new update 1.3. Their latest tool received a major user interface enhancement, a new feature upon users demand : the automatic management of profiles upon the flight altitude. Imagine you set a high level of details in airports, so when [...]

Toper Calculator 777 v3

In the third and new version of Toper Calculator for Boeing 777, the takeoff and performance calculation tool brings new features again.

The upgrade is free from previous versions. More information can be found in the author’s support forum also.

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Aircraft Factory Avro update preview

On the A2A Forums, Aircraft Factory developer Łukasz Kubacki has posted a short preview and the above picture with some details of the update to the Avro 504K biplane by him and Stephen Barstow.

In addition to the castor oil staining seen on the windscreen above, the 1.1 update will include switchable VC crew models, [...]

RealAir : Lancair Legacy & Dukes for P3D

We have really good news for GA pilots, because RealAir is working on new Prepar3D installers for some of most recent products Lancair Legacy, Turbine Duke, and Duke B60 V2. In fact, they will charge a little fee to get them, because they also adapted the animations and sounds to Prepar3D specifications.

More important, [...]

Flyware – FsXPand update

This new update is made for FsXPand 7.x Basic, compatible with FsX, Fs2004, X-Plane, and Prepar3D. It loads now two new templates of gauges, for Cessna Caravan and Dash 8-100. Let me just remind you this is a client software connected to your simulator, that receives the required data so you can display separated gauges [...]

DreamFactory Rome FSX/P3D update

For the users of Rome Fiumicino LIRF in FSX/P3D, Dreamfactory Studios made an update after the initial release.

Better framerates and enhanced quality are the main differences. The product scenery can be found here.

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Majestic Software – Dash 8 Q400 v1.011

Majestic Software has released Dash 8 Q400 v1.011.

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Multi Crew Experience and PMDG 777

Also known as MCE, this addon brings to FSX and Prepar3D what they miss : copilot and crew interactions, interactive checklists, realistic ATC and more.

With the new update installed, Multi Crew Experience adds support to PMDG 777 and you can use it with the latest Prepar3d V2.3.

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Airac Cycle 1409 available

Let me notice you that the latest Airac Cycle 1409 is ready and online from Navigraph. Use their FMS Data manager for update your supported addons easily.

Before you get it, you’ll need to purchase coupons at simMarket.

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