Eaglesoft Development Group News

The numerous simmers enjoying the business aviation had to own minimum one product of Eaglesoft Development Group, and their third generation products will feature : Citation X, Citation XLS+, and Challenger 605, with the first release planned for early 2018.

BUT, none of them will be compatible with P3D v4 as the group announce that […]

Carenado S550 Citation II FSX/P3D New V2

Carenado started their update plan to rebuild their FSX P3D fleet to integrate new technologies. Minor bugs are also corrected at the same time announced the developer and publisher team.

That’s why is coming the new version 2 of their S550 Citation II, fully compatible with P3D v4 and other common platformes like P3D v3/v2 […]

NXGN Simulations – Citation CJ4X FSX P3D

After various sceneries and a livery manager tool, NXGN Simulations come for the first time with an aircraft model : the Citation CJ4X for all P3D versions and FSX.

Their business jet aims at a mid-level of systems simulation, and loads a replica of Collins ProLine 21 avionics, and the simplified FMS of Eric Marciano […]

Eaglesoft Development Group – Cessna Citation X Early 3D

Eaglesoft Facebook page has edited more regular news for the past weeks, revealing that the development team must be busy on various projects at the same time.

One of them is taking shape : the popular Cessna Citation X will come as a new generation addon !


Eaglesoft – Cessna Citation XLS+ Preview

More pictures of the virtual cockpit of the upcoming Citation XLS+ have been shared by Eaglesoft Flight Simulation.

These pics give an overview of the Pro Line 21 integrated avionics, the central pedestal and other panels too.

Eaglesoft – Challenger Experimental 605 Preview

This is a picture shot in the work-in-progress virtual cockpit designed in 3D by Eaglesoft for their upcoming Challenger Experimental 605.

Wait, there’s even better with the overhead, and a wonderful passengers cabin already showing great texturing skills ! Fans of Bombardier manufacturer or business jets, this is for you !


Eaglesoft – Citation XLS+ Preview

Launched in early 2015, the project Citation XLS+ under development by Eaglesoft Development Group shows its progress on the exterior model via Facebook.

The XLS+ is in the medium range of the Cessna Citation catalogue, with a maximum autonomy of 2100nm for up to 12 passengers.


Milviz – Lear 60XR Preview

Milviz posted a single but beautiful preview screenie of their Lear 60XR project.

The exterior model of the business jet shows a very detailed, shiny and realistic exterior body.

Flysimware – Learjet 35A Update 2.9

Various important systems of the Learjet 35A have been significantly enhanced with the new update v2.9 released by Flysimware.

The autopilot, the flight director, the GPS and the Go Around mode make part of the change log.

Carenado – E50P Phenom 100 HD Series XP

Pilots eager to fly on modern business jets will need to catch this one if they fly in X-Plane.

With the G1000 Prodigy glass cockpit system, Carenado also modelled original Phenom systems. More features are listed on the E50P Phenom 100 HD Series product page here.