Cheap Luxury as Legacy price is slashed

More Wilco news today, their Legacy product has today seen a price drop of around 50% to now EUR19.95 (+VAT if you are a EU resident). It’s all about the pleasantries that some cash can bring to you live like flying in a private ‘all features’ included aircraft with a short-skirted beauty tending to your needs. YEs, you do the flying and read all about the product here: CLICK.



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  1. Hope they fixed the landing lights that don’t illuminate the runway, the cockpit windows that go opaque in the rain, and the rudimentary cockpit lighting…

    Save your money, wait for the Flight 1 Mustang.

    This one has been a real disapointment.

  2. I accept the fact that wilco reduces the price for this package, although it got ruined by SP2 ( landing/taxi lights issue)Patches were never issued for the dark windows, reccomendations were added in the forum and thereby fixed. It’s a shame theire Bell Boeing looks very promising but if it’s going to suffer the same faith as Legacy I won’t be buying it and I’ll look for software elsewhere…

  3. Look at the screenshots #34 the lights have NOT been fixed; Otherwise they wouldn’t illuminate the fuselage…

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