Citation X 2.0 w\FMS Released

eaglesoftcx20440Eaglesoft Development Group reports that they are “…… happy to announce the release of our FS2004 Cessna Citation X Version 2.0 w/FMS is now available!….” You can head over to their web site to get some pictures and views, read up on the specs and ulitmately purchase this bizjet.

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  1. 50 dollars for either FS9 OR FSX version seems to me to be too expensive for an addon, it would be 100 dollars for both versions. I won’t buy it (as I didn’t buy the PMDG MD-11) because the price for the latest addons is growing more and more and we should stop these people to think that simmers would spend whatever to have a new plane in their hangars.

  2. Although I agree with you that there appears to be no limit to the prices of FS addons (refer to Aerosofts SwitzerlandPro X….), one should consider that these are highly complex addons which involve several man-years of work to complete and often require considereable investments.
    Given the small number of people who actually purchase these products, the price per license needs to be high just to cover the costs. Simple ordinary business rule.
    If you wander through all the different FS forums, you’ll see that 75% (approx) of the posts are made by a very small group of very dedicated FS pilots. This is quite a good indication of the number of people interested in buying addons for the core program (FS9/FSX) they bought.
    It is in the developers interest to find the balance between pricing and expected sales and I do believe not all developers are doing a good job at this. And this also encourages piracy (which I do not condone, but sometimes do understand).

    In reaction to your statement that “we should stop these people…”; I believe it’s in fact the other way around. The simmers should stop demanding the ultimate simulation and expect to get it for less than grabbing a bite at the local hamburger king or pizza palace.

    Just my 2c….

  3. I agree with you Frank and I perfectly understand what you mean. I am not judging the work behind these addons (even if there are some freeware that are much better than many payware, like the section8 Sabre) but I would consider much more honest AT LEAST to sell BOTH versions for the still considerable price of 50 dollars. Don’t you agree?
    Wish you and all other simmers a Very Happy Christmas!

  4. So are you saying these developers are ‘dishonest’ for trying to recoup their investments and make a profit so as to make a living?

    That’s a rather strange view on the world. Like Fiat should give the Punto for free because they sell enough Croma’s ?

    What many people still do not seem to realize is that FSX is MUCH different from FS9 and hence it takes almost DOUBLE the time and effort to make true FS9 and true FSX models. I think most developers also (logically) conclude that customers will EITHER by the one or the other, not both.

  5. Francois, actually FIAT should gift both of them, they are not worht 1 cent! LOL
    Don’t be mad, it was just my personal opinion, maybe I shouldn’t have expressed on comments. I won’t buy the Citation at that price, that’s all but really hope for the people at Eaglesoft that many others simmers will purchase it and they will recouperate their investments. I still wonder why some others sell their products in both versions as single product (at normal price). Maybe they are too much honest…

  6. one more thing Francois, just on Simmarket I purchased about 130 addons. I mean that I have always supported the efforts and the work of developers and my not-purchase of those to-me-too-much-expensive products is just my little protest against something wrong to me.

  7. alberto, yes you should use the comments to voice your views! that’s what the comment feature is here for… many more readers should do the same and hence discuss issues via the comments system! i thank for doing it and hope that many more will do the same!
    seasons greetings!

  8. Well, I have bought pretty many add-ons in the last year: I think for about EUR 500,–
    Until now I both fly in fs9 (mostly big irons) and fsx (planes such as Pilatus, Mooney).
    In this buying were Many add-ons of Aerosoft, which are very often for fs9 and fsx.

    If the Eaglesoft Citation (which is probably ultimate fitted for fs9 and fsx) should be 1 buy for both (maybe + 10%), I should certainly buy it; now I’am not sure and maybe I don’t buy it at all.

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