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After the puopular success of their head tracking solutions, TrackHat announce they are working on a new product line : TrackMouse, for users who cannot handle a traditional computer mouse. Within a few months, they expect to be able to test a prototype and show it in public.

At Easy Simulation, the French manufacturer launch their new Easy Flight Panel : a modular and complete kit to assemble at home that will receive all your instruments, yoke, radios and comm modules that can be of various origins (Saitek, VRI, Go Flight, Flight Illusion…). It’s announced as solid as adaptative to your needs. An Option Packs exists to add keyboard / mouse / screen / PC supports. Official URL :

The recently introduced Honeycomb Aeronautical new hardware solutions for flight simulation will be distributed in Europe through Aerosoft, and the German company will also bring the technical support to their customers. Honeycomb is not a new comer, because it’s a brand from Snakebyte group, already maker of controllers and equipments for video games. As reminder and with more details about the upcoming units features, Honeycomb edited a PDF brochure.

TrackHat has fantastic and low cost solutions to bring you head tracking support in your games. It’s also compatible with TrackIR, but not required. Select the TrackHat Tracking Kit to include all you need to start : the hat, the head tracking camera and the camera monitor clip. The Plus version includes instead a wireless hat with a 6h autonomy battery. Or select the TrackHat Clip Head if you prefer a clip to set on your headset instead, made for Right or Left side (your choice). Again, the Plus version is a wireless clip if you want.

Snakebyte Group present a new hardware unit to the flight simulation community : part of the Honeycomb products line, the Bravo Throttle System will be a single and multiengine throttle quadrant that will also include autopilot and annuciation panels. Note that on each side, we’ll also find controls for the gear and the flaps. In the last development steps, the company expects to make it available until the end of this year 2017.

In order to use the hardware modules of Opencockpit combined with the PMDG 737 NGX, you may need special software to ensure the communication. RKSoftware is pleased to announce the new released OC4BAv4 homecockpit software suite that let you build a B737-600/700/800/900 home cockpit. All functions of the PMDG model can be controlled through Opencockpit units then.

If you have been interested in Cockpit Sim Parts hardware products, maybe the time has come to place the order of your dream. The British manufacturer reduced the price of various items available at simMarket, like the custom levers adapted for the CH throttle quadrant to simulate the Boeing 737 handles.

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