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httpv:// Established in Switzerland, NewConcept Informatique have been experts of 737 cockpit parts for years. They have a solid and robust 737 Panel Desktop V2 for sale at simMarket : no electronic or programming skills are required ! Very elegant with no cables visible and equipped with full throttle, CDU, MCP and optional overhead, you can order a complete and quickly operational hardware solution.

Have a look at the exact Airbus sidestick replica, it’s as easy to use as a simple joystick with the USB interface. ACC build the device with quality materials, “stainless steel, aluminum and brass” and let the customer select either pilot or copilot version.

httpv:// Manufactured by CPFlight, the well known MCP 737 Pro is now arrived in stock in its new version 2. Among the components, new Swiss made encoders, light sensor and the custom made pushbuttons reach a very high level of accuracy in the replica accuracy of the Mode Control Panel.  Check out their other products available here, including the new EFIS Selector Pro v2.

This circuit card comes with its USB connection cable to allow an easy and fast interface with FSX/P3D through FSUIPC or LINDA to add more switches and controls. Connect joysticks with the 5-pin connector, or use the 12 switch connectors for other devices, or the USB and then assign the key commands easily with the popular modules named above.

Discover at simMarket the Rolls Royce of the flight stick for Airbus Simulation : an exact replica of the A320 Side Stick by ACC Aircraft Controls. With its 5 year warranty and the quality materials they used, it’s made to last. Both Captain and First Officer sides versions are available in stock.

Designed for the racing simulations on PC, the new TS-PC Racer will be available soon at the beginning of December. Thrustmaster press release adds that its ergonomic design is combined with numerous features, like a wheel rotation angle that can be set between 270° and 1080°.

Thrustmaster adds a medium range product that combines a flightstick and a separate throttle control in the T.16000M FCS Hotas pack. Its look and color are marketed to fit with Elite Dangerous space simulator but the numerous buttons and comfort can make flight simulation pilots happy too. Well, in the US market at least because European customers will have to wait a bit more.

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