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Hardware & Cockpit

MSFS – Sismo Link & PMDG v1.4

A new release of SismoLink has been delivered (v1.4), that includes FWD Overhead and correction of some bugs in MCP and MIP, as is forecasted

Hardware & Cockpit

miniCockpit – miniFCU Entered Mass Production

The miniFCU unit has entered mass production, marking a significant step toward its release. The manufacturer miniCockpit recent statement revealed that skilled workers are diligently

Hardware & Cockpit

10 years of FlightsimWebshop

The Dutch FlightsimWebshop is celebrating 10 years of opening.Thanks to you, we can celebrate our tenth anniversary this year. A great milestone that we will

Hardware & Cockpit

MSFS – Sismo Link & PMDG v1.3

As promised, SismoLink is an application developed by Sismo to be the interface between the Sismo Modules (Ethernet) and FS2020 with PMDG 737NG. A first

Hardware & Cockpit

simHanger – DOF Reality H3 Motion Platform

Surprising, realistic, entertaining and challenging, just a few words that spring to mind to describe the DOF Reality H3 motion platform. Join Mark for the

Hardware & Cockpit

Flight Panels – Giveaway – Win a Stream Deck MK.2

Flight Panels is offering aviation enthusiasts an incredible chance to level up their flight simulation experience with their latest giveaway. The grand prize is none

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