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Corporate companies, flight schools and homecockpit builders can now have a look at the complete cockpit finished by Flightdeck Solutions to replicate the 787 Dreamliner. The cabin, panels, displays, Buttons and switches and rotators, seats, pedals, thrust / flap levers.. you can have it all and 100% accurate.

Instead of clicks in a virtual cockpit, Sim On Solution make the dream come true to actually control a 737 overhead replica, scale 1:1. Using realistic fonts, switches, aspect and functionality, they also sell the frame to set up the device at home, plug and play.

After the puopular success of their head tracking solutions, TrackHat announce they are working on a new product line : TrackMouse, for users who cannot handle a traditional computer mouse. Within a few months, they expect to be able to test a prototype and show it in public.

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