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Already author of South African airports add-on, Gaffer Simulations launch their first title for MSFS : King Shaka Intl FALE. Their screenshots show easily the best features to expect in the simulator : custom apron textures and ground markings, detailed buildings and jetways, custom glass effects and PBR. Their older products for P3D4 are on sale 20% OFF at simMarket.

The first weather management tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been announced by REX : Weather Force is a real-time engine based mainly based on METAR with a 1/8th mile precision, updated 10 minutes, with data provided by NOAA. It will also retrieve data from NCEP (data updates twice a day) to model more global atmospheric conditions (temperature, winds at high altitude). REX will be also able to add smoother transitions, the ability to search specific location and historic weather data if you want to customize your flight situation. Different from the default Microsoft scenarios included in Flight Simulator, those…

The French designers team LMT Simulation posted the announcement of Cannes Mandelieu LFMD airport, in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport runway faces the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s one the favorite destination for VIPs who wish to go to the French Riviera for summertime. Among the remaining items to add, there are buildings, custom apron and runways.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, Berlin is already one of the 341 photogrammetric cities, reproduced with HD photoreal terrain. That’s also where we’ll find the next detailed airport scenery coming from Gaya Simulations for MSFS : Berlin Tegel EDDT. P3D and X-Plane sceneries will follow.

The first entry of FSdreamteam in Microsoft Flight Simulator category at simMarket has arrived : this is the massive US hub of KORD Chicago O’Hare, Illinois. It’s a native PBR scenery that follows the SDK requirements of course, and with custom animated jetways.

Already in “final testing” phase, the next “Patch #2” for Microsoft Flight Simulator will bring important updates to the performance, ATC, dynamics with other systems and avionics for GA and airliner aircraft. Available “within 10 days” wrote Microsoft. “PATCH #2! Patch is finishing final testing. Being prepped for release. Patch will be released within the next 10 days. Full patch notes will be released with the patch. PATCH #2 HIGHLIGHTS (full patch notes will be released with the patch) Performance improvements ATC updates UI updates Aerodynamic updates Aircraft updates Cockpit visuals and animation updates General aviation system updates General aviation avionic…

KPCM Plant City is a little airport in Florida for MSFS, but very detailed with 4K textures and PBR effects. It’s easy to understand now why the download file is sized +1Gb, but that’s fine : Vertical Simulations already have various sceneries with 5 stars customers reviews.

It’s a great pleasure to get already the MSFS version of the marvellous scenery of Tivat airport (LYTV) in Montenegro. Pyreegue did a so nice job on the ground polygon visual effects, the very detailed service vehicles and custom buidlings. I’m going to fly there when I finish my job.

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