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NEXTMap first release from FSGenesis

Justin Tyme and FSGenesis are amongst the best known names in the hobby – indeed they’ve been around and involved for longer than most in

FSGenesis hard situation

The future of FSGenesis is not sure at all, and it’s more exactly negative when you read the bad news posted in their blog. FSGenesis

FSGenesis releases several new titles

FSGenesis demonstrates again their regular activity with new meshes available, some of them are even free. Covering Eastern Europe and Middle East, they can fit

FSGenesis new products

A precise mesh may not affect an airliner pilot enroute at high altitude but the bush pilot may be ! He’s the one who knows

SE Alaska Airport Terrain From FSGenesis

FSGenesis today has released the SE Alaska Airport Terrain Adjustment Pack, covering 75 airports in the Alaska Panhandle and southern counties.  SE Alaska ATAP is

FSGenesis Freeware Project

I’m planning a freeware project to be released sometime next month. The Top Ten Airport Plateaus in the FSX World is an Airport Terrain Adjustment

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