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Navigraph – AIRAC Cycle 2401

AIRAC Cycle 2401 has been released! Update your tools and add-on aircraft FMS databases using the FMS Data Manager, and using the Navigraph Hub for


Navigraph – AIRAC Cycle 2313 & simBrief

2 day’s ago there was the new AIRAC Cycle 2313. The new navigation database for the serious flightsimmer. Off course available via your subscription at


GTN 750 – Release v2.2.13

The PMS50 software for the GTN 750 has a update to version v2.2.13. Release v.2.2.12 Release v2.2.13 For more information about this software for the GTN 750


Navigraph – G1000 Tutorial MSFS

A informative video from Navigraph. Also some advertising for the possibilities of the Navigraph software in combination with the G1000 panel. As they write: “G1000


GTN 750 – Release v2.2.10

The PMS50 software for the GTN 750 has a update to version v2.2.10. From version 2.2.3 to the actual version v2.2.10: v2.2.4: v2.2.5: v2.2.6: v2.2.7: v2.2.8: v2.2.9:


FAA Sectionals Now in Navigraph Charts! 

From the Navigraph team: “Explore the U.S. with higher realism! Sectional charts from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have officially landed on the Navigraph Charts


EyeVionics – An EFIS on your Tablet

An EFIS is coming to your tablet; A glass cockpit for your tablet. Note: “This software is under development. Features and offers are subject to


Navigraph – AIRAC Cycle 2311

The new AIRAC Cycle 2311 is out. So be up to date with your navigation and install the new Navigation Data. Available via Navigraph.AIRAC Cycle


Navigraph – Moving Map (SimLink)

Stay connected to your flight progress across all your devices with Navigraph Simlink. By installing this seamless connectivity tool, you can effortlessly monitor your simulator


AivlaSoft – Update 2.3 #141

Some info for the AivlaSoft users: Today we have released update 2.3.141. This update fixes the issue that weather data cannot be downloaded anymore. See

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