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The German publisher Aerosoft plans to stream a YouTube Live video for their press conference entitled NextSim, focused on their simulators outside the aviation world. It will be live this “Friday 28th at 12:00” according to their Facebook post, and you can enter here. This same link will also allows you replay the full video later when they go offline. The show will talk at least about the following titles : Emergency Call 112 version 2, Autobahn Polizei Simulator 3, On The Road Truck Simulator, and OMSI 2 Add-on London.

Train Sim World of Dovetail Games will evolve, with their own physics engine upgrade SimuGraph, “adding realistic adhesion physics for the first time”. The integration of a Scenario Editor and a Livery Designer tool will complete the new features too. In Train Sim World 2, you will be able to use your existing add-ons at no cost. But to get the new routes and trains, a new paid licence will be required. In this case, “German High Speed ICE 3 + DB BR 442 ‘Talent 2’, “London Underground” and “Sand Patch Grade” will be installed.

Eagle Dynamics have a warming announcement to make : the great flight simulator for military action, of modern or historic eras, DCS World, is FREE for unlimited use until May 18th. And, they also add the FREE access to all DLC : maps, aircraft, assets. Discount promotions are also set for those who already want to purchase to keep their titles for future use. Press Release : “From April 19th to May 18th you can enjoy unlimited access to all Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) aircraft, maps, and assets packs for free from our e-Shop: For the whole period, a…

For the truck driving simulator launched in early 2016, SCS Software is coming with another update v1.37, which you can already download. Once again, the free enhancements for American Truck Simulator are impressive : FMOD sounds, functional truck windows opening/closing and.. walk-around. Advanced users could already use the free camera… but walking around is a step further in the druck driver role-play of course.

The initial announcement of The Bus by TML Studios was back in 2017. It will be the new generation of bus driving simulation in Berlin city, Germany.  And this is the new video from the current Alpha version. Using a Scania Citywide LF 18M by default, base features will also include multiplayer interactivity and an economic system.

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