Browsing: Other Simulations The official Facebook page of Renault Trucks announced their official partnership with Euro Truck Simulator 2. The wait has been quite long for trucks simmers but, finally, in just a few days, we should see new Renault Trucks and customizable parts in the simulator. SCS Software has not published yet on that topic on their blog, they just commented via Twitter.

It’s announced for this Fall 2019, Airport Madness Pro will be more oriented to realistic ATC procedures. Using actual tower and ground control rules, realistic airports and airlines, with enhanced visuals, the 3D simulation will please the fans of Big Fat Simulations ATC games.

Maybe SCS Software is secretly developing a new graphics engine to replace Euro Truck Simulator 2. Beside their regular DLC development, I hope they are also preparing the long term future. Meanwhile, another official map expansion will appear for ETS 2 in Eastern Europe. If you are interested, the preview screens have been taken in Bulgaria. After Airport Madness 3D 1 and 2, the ATC games series will be expanded in late 2019 by Airport Madness Pro release. Big Fat Simulations want to add more realism with accurate airlines, more detailed airports, and further control on aircraft movements with actual taxiways assignments.

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