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I knew we would hear about them soon. Bajasim team are full time designers of mexican airports for FSX / FS2004, delivering a nice quality of custom textures with a good amount of details. After San Jose Del Cabo, they are modelling La Paz MMLP in Baja California, Mexico. Visit their first forum thread here.

The last time I told you about this MD 600N project was in November 2010, and it was already looking very good. Now the developer is a bit tired of his own development process in his last status update. Maybe he could start working on textures, to see and feel he passed a step and get back on the track.

The development of Antarctica X is continuing in large steps. The Aerosoft preview forum just received a new set of preview screenshots showing South Africa’s Sanae IV base as well as Germany’s Neumayer III Base and McMurdo’s Ice Runway apron for the first time. The only highly detailed bases still under development are Rothera and Halley (United Kingdom) and McMurdo (USA, the largest base in Antarctica).

httpv://–mzFok&feature=player_embedded Javier Rollon is famous for his X-Plane aircraft like the latest CRJ-200. His fame should raise again with this Boeing 747-400 he prepared to get it included with the upcoming X-Plane 10 : bump mapping, reflective textures, dynamic shadows, virtual passengers cabin, detailed virtual cockpit..

We have now more precise informations about PMDG 737 NGX release details. They are still planning “On or Before August 4” to make it available. It will be separated in different packages to let the customers pick up the models variants they want if they don’t need the whole range, wider than in the previous 737 NG product. It’s important to note that all functionalities they developed are included in the base package, and even he future ones they will develop will be upgraded for free  in that base package. The base package will be the 737-800/-800WL + 737-900/900WL at $69,99…

Unless Beta testers find important troubles to delay the planning, the PMDG 737 NGX should be available in less than 10 days. For now it’s set on August 4 2011 according to Robert S. Randazzo’s last message. We may have more infos about pricing soon. You have two more videos to enjoy, published after the walk-around, to showcase the virtual cockpit and the first impressions of AFDS / EGPWS systems.

I’m not the only one who didn’t know about McPhat Studios 3D design work, am I ? At least with this one, we’ll discover another side of McPhat Studios activities apart from the HD liveries expansions for existing aircraft add-ons. They revealed various screenshots of the interior and exterior 3D models they’re preparing of an ATR 72-500 for X-Plane.

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