JetStream Designs – Milan Linate P3D v4 Ready

Announced a few days ago, JetStream Designs first update for P3D v4 is made for Milan Linate LIML.

It’s not just an installer for P3D, the author also included new features, native for P3D v4 like the dynamic lights !

Among your downloads in the simMarket user account, look for the P3D v4 standalone installer.


FS-FlightControl Instructor Station

FS-FlightControl is a multiplatform instructor station for FSX, P3D V4-V1, Dovetail Flight Sim World, and even X-Plane as a Pubic beta.

Optimized for touch screens, this software allows you to control the failures, manage the fuel and loadings, the weather condition and the aircraft position easily.

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FranceVFR policy for future developments

In a post written in French in their forum, FranceVFR annouce that their new products will support P3D V4-V3 and FSX until the end of 2018.

Meanwhile, their existing titles recompiled with 64bit tools for P3D v4 will be suggested as updates for their existing customers with a 50% rebate.

Maybe X-Plane 11 may receive […]

Alabeo – More P3D v4 Compatible Aircraft

Among the wide collection of Alabeo aircraft for FSX and P3D, another batch of various titles have received the updated installer to make them fly in P3D v4 too.


GlowingHeat – Lockheed A-12 Cygnus FSX FSXSE P3D

Are you ready for reconnaissance missions ? You will need a dedicated aircraft like the Lockheed A-12 Cygnus that you will be able to fly in P3D v4/v3 or in FSX.

The full features list and the screenshots are visible at simMarket.

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JustSim – Düsseldorf EDDL FSX P3D

Perfect to complete your German airports sceneries, not only in FSX but of course in P3D v4-v2 too. JustSim modelled Düsseldorf EDDL with all their latest design techniques, including the P3D v4 native ground polygon.

Only the SODE animated jetways will come in a few days as free update.

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Prealsoft – Lognes Emerainville X P3D

This little airport is in the region of Paris, France, between the capital and Disneyland park.

Prealsoft remade a new version of Lognes Emerainville X, this time exclusively made for P3D v4-v2, with new terrain textures hand crafted and custom ground markings.

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Tropicalsim – Albuquerque KABQ Preview

Visit Tropicalsim forum to access to the second preview of their current project : Albuquerque KABQ for P3D / FSX.

After the airport buildings, they will move on the photoreal terrain that will be included in the base package.

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Turbulent Designs – KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Preview

After MBS International release, the current scenery project at Turbulent Designs is KIDA Idaho Falls Regional airport.

And it will be their last addon for FSX and P3D V4-V2 as they will focus on P3D v4 and X-Plane 11 only then.

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TSS – Boeing 777 RR Trent-895 Pilot Edition FSX P3D or FS9

Common engine found on the Boeing 777 series, the Rolls Royce Trent 895 has not the major part of the business for the variants on which this engine is available.

Anyway, this is the new soundset in the Pilot Edition series, available for P3D/FSX/FS9 by Turbine Sound Studios.

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